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(262) 375-1868

(262) 375-1368


406 Falls Rd,
Grafton, WI 53024

Grafton Plz

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Open Hours

Mon – Tue. 7:00 Am – 10:00 Pm
Wed. 6:30 Am – 10:00 Pm
Thu. 7:00 Am – 9:30 Pm
Fri – Sat. 7:00 Am – 10:00 Pm
Sun. Closed

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We eat here a lot cuz its good and close to home. However, do not believe its going to be 10 minutes for carryout on a Friday night. They are always busier than that!
I gave it all 3’s cuz they’re so nice and the food is way above average. Love this place so good!
Lunch Buffet is a great value. Compared to the ones I’ve visited in my travels: Buffet size and seating capacity are below average and somewhat cramped together.
Crab rangoon is above average, tied for 2nd best I’ve come across so far.
Egg rolls are somewhat distinctive and fresh tasting.
Everything else is average, and was nice and warm when I went. Overall a nice place for a quick bite to eat. Very good menu variety. Lunch buffet is awesome. Great food and wonderful hosts.
Best Chinese restaurant in the area!

(262) 375-1868

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@ HotShotRollette
Grafton, WI
Mothers day and birthday lunch (@ Dragon Gourmet in Grafton, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/lCLRxeSFI2w

Duncan o Strathclyde
@ duncan1574
Grafton, WI
Im at Dragon Gourmet in Grafton, WI w/ @
fantasyflowerst https://www.swarmapp.com/c/cgqgpYHiQPk

Don Kenner
@ PyGuy43
Grafton, WI
Lunch (@ Dragon Gourmet) https://4sq.com/1fmnIPu

@ kateklement
Grafton, WI
Dinner out before MPM (@ Dragon Gourmet) https://4sq.com/16C5ohk

Erin Bode
@ eBodeinater33
Grafton, WI
Im eating doughnuts from dragon gourmet @

Ciege Blaśe
@ SirAltitude_mn
Dragon Gourmet
Grubbin (@ Dragon Gourmet) https://4sq.com/GFxx61

MKE Chris
@ CCMoebius10
Dragon Gourmet View translation
Mmmmmmm. #
Wat. (@ Dragon Gourmet) https://4sq.com/tU630m

Judson Palmer
@ juddthestud
Dragon Gourmet
I just ousted @
revlevi as the mayor of Dragon Gourmet on @
foursquare! https://4sq.com/d34XjZ

@ strangetikigod
Dragon Gourmet
Im at Dragon Gourmet (406 Falls Rd, Grafton) https://4sq.com/rqtoHH

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