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Domicile Consulting has performed thousands and thousands of inections and hundreds of energy audits in the greater Chicago area. &nb;So you don’t just get a home inection when you call Domicile Consulting, you get a full home optimization work-up. &nb;We also have extensive training in Indoor Air Quality issues and we use Thermal Imaging to help find hidden moisture issues. &nb;We inect the home from top to bottom whether it’s a studio condo or a North Shore mansion. &nb;When you hire a home inector you are, in reality, buying a home inection report. &nb;If you’re shopping for a home inector you should be comparing their product….their reports. You can view ours at our website &nb; &nb;

Look at our ability to find and report on building defects. &nb;The report is what you and your attorney will use to get cash credits at closing, a reduction in the sales price, or if it’s a real dog….your earnest money back. &nb;Compare reports and call us to book an inection!


Established in 1998.

Domicile Consulting was begun by Dan Cullen. &nb;After ending over 20 years as a carpenter and general contractor Dan put his experience to work protecting home buyers. &nb;Dan is also licensed to train home inectors and that is how he met his partner, Ross Neag, who joined Domicile Consulting in 2007 and has showed his acumen in both home inecting and energy auditing and has a deep background in remodeling and real estate. &nb;Seven years later we have added seven additional inectors to help protect and educate first time as well as seasoned home owners about their proective purchase.

The home inection field is constantly changing and all Domicile inectors attend conferences, seminars and workshops regularly to stay at the top of the industry. &nb;We carry lots of fun tools, too! &nb;Take advantage of our experience and our commitment to property buyers and owners. &nb;Call to book an inection, energy audit or just to chat. &nb;We ‘eak house’ and love to read the word.

Meet the Manager

ross n

Ross N.


Ross joined Domicile Consulting seven years ago after a career in real estate development. He was elevated to Partner shortly thereafter by virtue of his dedication to the science of home inection as well as his bulldog-like dedication to his clients. Ross brings a wealth of knowledge in energy efficiency (he is a certified Energy Rater), HVAC, and pretty much all things house related. He is constantly searching for more opportunities to broaden his knowledge in this wide ranging field of study. His lovely wife Julie has helped Domicile Consulting present a brighter face to the world with her graphic arts skills as well.

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Hey folks, try and go easy on the ice melting salts if you can. Its pretty tough on younger concrete and just awful for Renaissance Stone. Take a look here for a better picture of what you”re using
Also, listen to us on Mighty House 820am tomorrow, Jan 19 from 830a-11 or so. Dan and I will be tearing up the airwaves….or at least we hope to!
We”re proud to announce a 5th full time inspector, Ken Whitelaw, into the mix. Kenny brings a wealth of renovation and construction experience and finally gave in to our pursuit of his services. Welcome aboard Ken, we”re thrilled to be working with you.
Domicile Consulting, Chicago, Illinois. 43 likes. Home Inspections, Energy Audits, Moisture Intrusion & Leaks, Masonry & Mold Inspections, Thermal…

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Domicile Consulting.
I was recommended to use Domicile Consulting by my real estate agent. While I was unable to attend the inspection myself my parents were impressed by the thoroughness of the inspector throughout the process. I received the report on a Sunday, which was very helpful since we were in a time crunch to being the attorney review process.

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    Charlotte D.

    Winnetka, IL

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    Ken Whitelaw of Domicile Consulting is В amazing! It’s been several months since he came to inspect my new condo. His inspection was remarkably thorough. But even more than that, I have В called him a few times since then to ask followup questions about repairs, remodeling, and longterm maintenance. I have offered to pay him for phone consultations, but he flatly refuses. He says it is part of his job. He takes client satisfaction to a whole new level! His explanations are always clear and thoughtful, and he bends over backwards with helpful advice. Call Ken if you want an expert and impeccable service! He offers ten-star service, not five-star!
    Charlotte D.

  2. default gravatar

    Zdenek Z.

    Hickory Hills, IL

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    I had an inspection done by Dan Cullen on a 100 years old house last week. Thanks to his thorough inspection I am sure I have saved lot of money due to my inexperience. He has always been willing to answer my questions. The inspection report with pictures was just perfect. Not only for me but for coming contractors as well.
    В It was a pleasure to deal with Dan. Thumbs up. Recommending to everyone.

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    C N.

    Chicago, IL

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    We used Dan and Morgan’s services on evaluating a house. And we had previously used Dan in inspecting another property. Both times they provided an incredible service that was invaluable. They were thorough, patient, and professional. And more than inspectors or consultants, they also served as advocates for us in the process. They truly went over and above the call of duty to help us out, rather than simply providing a service. Work/people like that are rare.

    Both Dan and Morgan are no-nonsense inspectors who have an incredible depth of knowledge about all aspects of the home. They were also incredibly responsive — both before, during, and after the inspection proper — fielding any questions and doubts we had. Dan even did a pre-inspection ‘kick the tires’ for us to check on a number of structural issues before we proceeded. And they provided feedback and consulting after the process so as to help us evaluate our next step.

    They had/have our 100% trust (in a process filled with doubt, ambiguity, and downright shadiness), and I wouldn’t use any other company in inspection!

  4. amy w reviewer

    Amy W.

    Chicago, IL

    Rate 5.0 of 5.0 stars

    Just finished our inspection with Domicile Consulting. We had Ken Whitelaw and an apprentice. Man let me tell ya, this man is worth his wait in gold!
    В  We are buying a 2 mil short sale in lincoln park. The owner is the builder. She could not sell the house, so she decided to rent it. В We were going to get a good price В on the home and pay the current tenants security deposit when they left. I almost was not going to do an inspection because it was a short sale. I am glad I erred on caution. В Ken found so many significant issues that would cost us probably
    300,000+ to fix. Basically these were structural, it would involve tearing up the house and rebuilding it right. В Suddenly, the price for a short sale with current tennants is not such a good deal.
    В  В We have bought about 5 different properties and this was going to be our first house and hopefully last. This was definitely the best inspector I have ever seen. He was not only knowledgable, he was personable. He could explain everything and knew what to look for. В They showed up early on a Saturday and finished on time.
    В  В  I am so glad I happened upon this company. They have easy online booking and sent me email reminders of my appointment. I did not have to talk to anyone.
    В  В I will definitely hire Ken again. В This is a guy that loves his job and knows his business. I also like that he seems to take pride in his company and that they care enough to train new employess. В No matter what the price of your new home, this is money welll spent. В I CANNOT RECOMMEND ANYONE MORE EMPHATICALLY В than I do KEN WHITELAW!

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