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Dog-friendly dog training for the whole family! Doggy Daycare done right!


(608) 273-9797


813 Post Rd,
Madison, WI 53713

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Dog training classes and private lessons. Classes 7 days a week! We have manners classes for Puppies, adolescent, and adult dogs, as well as Agility – Rally – Flyball – Nose Work – Conformation – Obedience – Tricks and Games and more! We also offer Doggy Daycare Tuesdays through Fridays with experienced, caring staff and small group sizes.

Fun and friendly, family oriented classes in a clean, bright, cheerful facility with friendly staff and instructors! State of the art cushioned flooring for comfort, traction, and to protect joints during activity. Daycare in large climate controlled room, with cushioned floor, immediate access to large play yards, including a large grassy area to run. Located next to a nature preserve Dogs Welcome! provides a pleasant, peaceful, green setting.


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Open Hours

Tue – Fri. 6:30 Am – 6:00 Pm
Mon. Closed
Sat – Sun. Closed

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Dogs Welcome. 997 likes | 11 talking about this | 187 were here. Dog training and day care serving Madison and surrounding areas.

While Boone rests up for round 2, Pickle is having a blast with the Kong Bounz toy – which is new to the Daycare but has been available in our Store since we opened. The Kong Bounz toy squishes, it bounces, it’s unpredictable and pretty close to indestructible (except for chewing off the handle). It’s an exciting toy – just ask Pickle!

Boone had so much fun playing with his friends this morning in Daycare, that even though it’s not even noon in this photo, he is curled up in a chair resting for round 2. smile emoticon

Postcards to home. . ” Boy did we have fun in daycare on Wednesday! I LOVE this place! Wish you were here. .” “Love, Your Happy Pup”

We have a message we’d like to share: “At the Kettle Moraine Kennel Club show, Lucy (Affinity Wetland Willothewisp) and owner-handler Jack Bartman took BEST OF BREED over four specials plus WB/BOW for Lucy’s second major! Lucy now has 8 points toward her Champion title.” “Lucy and Jack took Conformation classes at Dogs Welcome with instructor Laurie”. Congratulations Lucy & Jack! From Laurie and everyone at Dogs Welcome!

Today at Dogs Welcome! Daycare: “A Study of Sassy” She is super tired after many trips to the big yard today smile emoticon Enjoy!

JOIN US AT THE DANE COUNTY FAIR! on Thur. July 15 at: 4:30 p.m. Nose Work Demonstration Dogs Welcome! turns finding hidden odors into a game! These activities are fun for you and your dog at home, but are also used by police K-9 Units throughout the country. Dedication and practice make perfect!. 5:30 p.m. Flyball Tournament This high energy, fast-paced relay will get your heart racing! Dogs compete against each other as they soar over jumps and race to retrieve a ball. Learn more about what the Fair has to offer at Learn about our Nose Work and Flyball classes:

Samson had a wonderful first day of daycare at Dogs Welcome!. taking it all in and making new friends with Sassy. Welcome Samson! We look forward to seeing you again! Sassy can’t wait!

Boo” on the left, hanging out with the new kid, “Aria” on Aria’s first day in daycare at Dogs Welcome! Boo was very good about showing her the ropes!

Is this face adorable, or what?! smile emoticon Aria had a very good first day today in daycare at Dogs Welcome! She wasn’t completely sure this morning when she first star, ted, but as the day progressed she settled in very nicely! She had a great time playing with the other little dogs (Hilo & Boo), and as the day went on she got more and more comfortable and now is at ease with the big dogs. . She was overheard saying. . ” I think I’m going to really like this place. ” (ok we’re pretty sure that’s what she was trying to tell us) smile emoticon Welcome Aria! So glad to have you here!

Update on Bijou’s first day of daycare. . she’s having a blast! Bijou enjoyed making all kinds of new friends big and small. She also enjoyed learning about the pool! By the end of the day she was swimming like a pro. smile emoticon Sleep well tonight Bijou. .

This is Bijou on her first day of daycare at Dogs Welcome! We’ve been having a little trouble getting a picture of her – because she’s always on the move! smile emoticon Bijou is making many new friends and loves to play, play, play! Well, you’ve come to the right place then Bijou. . have fun! Welcome Bijou!

Dogs Welcome! has an incredible daycare. Boo loves it and has learned so much while being in their care. I have checke. d out other daycare facilities in the area and there is nothing like the Dogs Welcome! experience. The facilities and dedication of the staff is by far the best!

Awesome! Great staff. We bring our dog Barley for classes and once a week for daycare. As soon as we turn on Post ro. ad she gets excited; she likes Dogs Welcome even more than the dog park! I recommend them to all my friends who have dogs.

Mad City Dog Training closed permanently in early June 2011. However Dogs Welcome! – a new business – opened it’s doors June 8, 2011 and is the business currently in this building at 813 Post Rd., Madison, WI 53713 phone is (608)273-9797.

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dogs welcome image image image

Dog-friendly training for the entire family!
Classes held 7 days a week including evenings and weekends.
Join us for Puppy classes, Adult dog Manners, Small Dog Manners, Agility, Nose Work, Rally,. Boo loves it and has learned so much while being in their care. I have checked out other daycare facilities in the area and there is nothing like the Dogs Welcome!
The facilities and dedication of the staff is by far the best!
Great staff and great facility. We take our dog to Dogs Welcome!
Daycare is definitely our dogs favorite day of the week!
Ahh, thank you Sean!
Now called Dogs Welcome but should be called Dogs NOT Welcome!
Unless you start with your puppy there from day 1 , their response is sorry, go somewhere else!
We attempted to talk to the owner about this and were told she was far too busy to talk to people and it wouldn’t matter anyway. We ended up taking our puppy to Blue Dog and Dogs Best Friend and both of those businesses were fantastic and friendly. Stay away from this exclusionary holier than thou most unwelcoming of businesses and go where your business’s will be appreciated.
We’ve tried several different facilities in town, many of which are good.
but Dogs Welcome is on another level. The classes are instructed by engaging and qualified staff and our pup absolutely loves going to daycare. Thank you Jessica – this is very kind and much appreciated!
This was the first(…)

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Flat Earth
@ flatearthbrew
Serving pints and selling growlers here at the brewery until 6:30 PM! Stop down! Happy Sunday! Dogs welcome!

Nathan Johnson
@ Merchant_15
Dogs welcome at Sunningdale -via ESPN this is so cool at this #
golf course. #
Dogs r welcomed

Pet Project Rescue
@ PPR_Mpls
Join PPR at I AM Rescued 7/26 at High Bridge Dog Park in St. Paul! 25+ rescues, vendors & boutiques! Dogs welcome!

Daniel j. McBain
@ dj_mcbain
Wisconsin, USA
Lucky loves this place #
dogpark all #
dogs welcome #
yourdogpark #
gopro4 #
WhatALovelyDay @ Houska Dog Park

Dogs Welcome!
@ DogsWelcomeWI
Its time to vote! Choose your favorite daycare dog costumes at:…Voting closes Oct. 30.

Dogs Welcome!
@ DogsWelcomeWI
Sarah (right) helping Zoey get ready for her photo-op for the DW! Daycare Costume Contest- then they cuddle!

Dogs Welcome!
@ DogsWelcomeWI
New! Weaving to Perfection! A 4 week seminar, 2 levels to choose from. Registration opens Tues. Oct. 21 at 6:30am.

Dogs Welcome!
@ DogsWelcomeWI
Theyre a subtle lot… but it looks like maybe they are suggesting you Vote for us! Once per day per category!

Dogs Welcome!
@ DogsWelcomeWI
The Annual Daycare Costume Contest begins soon! Oct.14-17 daycare dogs will sport their costumes and pose for glam shots! Vote Oct. 18-30th

Dogs Welcome!
@ DogsWelcomeWI
We still have room! Its not too late to sign up for a PUPPY 1 SHORT COURSE (3 weeks) starting on Thur. Oct. 16 at 6:30pm. For pups 8-18 wks

Dogs Welcome!
@ DogsWelcomeWI
The new schedule is out for the Nov-Dec. 2014 Class session at DW! Check it out today! Classes start Nov 1

Dogs Welcome!
@ DogsWelcomeWI
There will be no Agility Run Thru on Oct. 17

Dogs Welcome!
@ DogsWelcomeWI
Vote for us at https://BESTOFMADISON.COM under the Home and Lifestyle category, choose us in the Dog Training category.

Dogs Welcome!
@ DogsWelcomeWI
Coming soon! Annual Daycare Costume Contest! Bring your daycare dogs costume Oct. 14-18, vote Oct. 18-30. Winners announced on Oct. 31

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