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311 E Main St,
Chilton, WI 53014

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Doggie Do’s By Lou, in Chilton, WI, is the area’s premier pet grooming company since 2007, serving all of Chilton, Stockbridge, New Holstein, Brillion and the surrounding areas. We offer dog and cat grooming, nail trims, pet haircuts, medicated baths, earwax removal, coat conditioning, gland extraction, a do it yourself wash and more. For all your pet grooming needs contact Doggie Do’s By Lou in Chilton today.
All Dog Breed Groomer, Also Services Cats


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Mon – Sun. Open 24 Hours

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Extremely rude and unprofessional! Immediately upon arrival for my appointment I did not get a warm welcome and in an unfriendly tone I was asked, “You’re not going to be waiting in town for the next couple of hours are you? I have two dogs that I need to finish” Unaware and my mistake to think that it would take approximately over an hour to shave my cat. I had stated that I really didn’t wan…t to make a trip back to town and then another trip to go to work later. She then stated in a very rude tone of voice, “That’s fine, I’ll just shave him down quick. At that point I decided that there was no way in hell I would trust her to humanely care for my cat if that is way she will act towards her customers. So I informed her, “That is okay, I will find a different groomer. This made her even angrier and she stated, “You obviously don’t know what it takes on grooming the animal. (She is right I don’t know the process of grooming but had she explained it nicely I would have understood.) But one thing I can tell you this is not how to run a business with an unprofessional attitude! As I was walking out the door her final words were, “Good luck finding someone to take care of your rotten cat!” (I liked how she assumed he was rotten when she didn’t even take care of him or even greeted him) My experience and in my opinion if she has the nerve to act like that what would stop her to appropriately treat the pets in her care when nobody is watching when she feels frustrated? Еще

Great and very nice to work with! Thank you!! Hero got the Lion Cut and was ready to roar!!.

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We offer dog and cat grooming, nail trims, pet haircuts, medicated baths, earwax removal, coat conditioning, anal gland extraction, a do-it-yourself wash and more.
311 E Main St Chilton, WI 53014.
(920) 849-3400

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Doggie Do’s By Lou

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