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Arcadia Books
@ ArcadiaBook
Tonights Asian dinner features Gobi Manchurian (Indo-Chinese dish: fried cauliflower in a delicious sauce over…

Pioneer Press
@ PioneerPress
Chicago deep-dish pizza palace Giordanos opens first Minnesota location:

Dana Wessel
@ DanaWessel
Its fine if you like boneless wings! But call them what they are: chicken nuggets – a dish often served at birthday parties for 8-year olds

regular denis
@ 2phonethottie
i just saw a dirty dish in my cabinet and i said to myself whoever washed this needs to be executed LMAO

Aurelie Raiskin
@ AurelieRaiskin
Calm down white moms on dish detergent commercials, no wife is EVER that excited about dishes. Ever.

Shary Tran
@ sharytran
Each chef preps/hawks their own dish to the diners. Love the personal feel and pride in their creations. @

@ FreshMKE
Dont miss Dish newsletter this week: 16 brownie recipes! Sign up:

The Product Poet
@ ProductPoet
primaleyemag: How about the best 1st dish to try for a #
Paleo diet?@
CocoLibre @
samrevelsays #

If you like it, you like it. Yall are the type to try and new dish and love until they tell you the ingredients. Now you dont like it? Ha

Ryan Jordan
@ YaBoyReggie
Pizanos Pizza
Cant visit Chicago without getting some deep dish

Heartbeet Kitchen
@ amanda_paa
Getting ready to dish on wait, what was that now? segment & alternative flours like #
cassava with @
elizabethries @
stephmarch! @

Lee Jenman
@ leejenman
PassRestaurant wow this dish blew me away! Fantastic Pea/Saffron/Elderflower @
brightonfood @

Red Cow 50th BeerGuy
@ RedCowBeerGuy
Drinking @
LiftBridge Hop Dish IPAat the ball game. Loving that Sano Bomb

@ MildraTheMonk
When you dish it out and cant take it.

DeRusha Eats
@ DeRushaEats
Bottom line: nothings worth waiting 3-4 hours for. If you love deep dish, youll be happy at Giordanos. #

Pioneer Press
@ PioneerPress
Chicago transplants can get a little slice of home now that Giordanos is here.

Sharon Stiteler
@ birdchick
Hes so lazy that he tipped his food dish on its side so he could eat out of it while stretched out…

@ tzippypug
Wisconsin, USA
HamiltonPug a4: I subtly imply that I would like a bedtime snack by putting my food dish in my bed slurp #

Pioneer Press
@ PioneerPress
Deep-dish pizza lovers, rejoice! Giordanos opens in Minneapolis:

Lindsay Abraham
@ lindsaypell
I swear to gawd deep dish pizza isnt even really pizza. So what? Who cares?

Brenda Hamlin
@ blhamlin
Minnesota, USA
Im at Lets Dish – Woodbury in Woodbury, MN

Elaine McCardel
@ ItalianDish
Love my garden.

Elaine McCardel
@ ItalianDish
Thank goodness we are the blue dot.

Elaine McCardel
@ ItalianDish
Beautiful evening in Charlevoix

Elaine McCardel
@ ItalianDish
View translation
Volleyball. Dusk. Charlevoix.

Elaine McCardel
@ ItalianDish
Good Morning. #
upnorth #

Elaine McCardel
@ ItalianDish

Elaine McCardel
@ ItalianDish
Great new summer appetizer, inspired from our visit to A16 in San Francisco:…

Elaine McCardel
@ ItalianDish
Pet Peeve: People who pin things on Pinterest and pin the home page URL instead of the post URL. Grrrrr.

Elaine McCardel
@ ItalianDish
Just posted a video @ Muir Woods Forest

Elaine McCardel
@ ItalianDish
You can no longer buy spells on Etsy. What are we going to do now?…

Elaine McCardel
@ ItalianDish
Fathers Day grilled lobster.

Elaine McCardel
@ ItalianDish
Eataly in Chicago. So. Darn. Good.

Elaine McCardel
@ ItalianDish
Love it when the farmers at the market pick the zucchini while theyre still tiny!

@ engadget
Public transit in Apple Maps. Finally.

Matthew Hankins
@ mc_hankins
Could you fax over a copy?No, I cant fax because of where I liveWhere do you live?The 21st century

Elaine McCardel
@ ItalianDish
An update to making homemade Artisan Bread and a chance to win a Bread Cloche!…

Elaine McCardel
@ ItalianDish
Golfing in northern Michigan today and encountered this huge pile of snow! @ The Otsego Club

For The Win
@ ForTheWin
Smores Oreos are real and theyre about to take over your life –

Bill Yates
@ YatesieTweets
Every day next week will be the same backwards:5/10/155/11/155/12/155/13/155/14/155/15/155/16/155/17/15

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