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Kenosha Public Museum Focus & Mission: The Kenosha Public Museum collects, preserves, and interprets decorative and fine arts, natural science specimens, and cultural artifacts from around the world and throughout time.


(262) 653-4450


5608 10th Ave,
Kenosha, WI 53140

From the north: Take I-94 to STH 158. Travel east on STH 158 to 6th Avenue approximately seven miles. Turn right on 6th Avenue and travel to 54th Street. Turn left on 54th Street and travel to First Avenue. From the south: Take I-94 to STH 158. Travel east on STH 158 to 6th Avenue approximately seven miles. Turn right on 6th Avenue and travel to 54th Street. Turn left on 54th Street and travel to First Ave

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Established in 1933 -The Kenosha Public Museum is an accredited natural science and fine arts museum located in the heart of beautiful downtown Kenosha Wisconsin. The Museum attracts 135,000 visitors annually from all 50 states and 25 foreign countries. Through the years, the Museum’s collections have grown to over 70,000, including almost 1,000 works in the fine arts collection. Exhibit programming includes world cultures, Native Americans, zoology, geology, fossils, and fine and decorative arts. Permanent exhibits include: The Wisconsin Story, an immersive experience placing the Museum collections in an exciting multi-disciplinary adventure; the Woolly mammoths excavated in Kenosha County and Paris, WI.; the four seasons Native American Village; the fine arts gallery, displaying world class art by Chagall, Picasso and Dali; and the Childrens Field Station, a popular hands-on arts and sciences activity area. A rest and study area is centrally located on each floor. This is an area where smaller collections associated with the themes of the floor are displayed on a long-term, temporary basis. These changing areas feature collections installed in an ‘intensive study’ fashion. Enjoy changing exhibits and free family programs and events. Free General Admission every day! Take a walk along the lakefront or view Lake Michigan from the viewers telescopes inside climate controlled buildings. Hop on the electric streetcar for a ride (Adults $1, Kids $.50) and visit all three Museums for a day of adventure and exploration The Kenosha Public Museum shares a campus on the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline with The Civil War Museum. Both offer unique settings for wedding ceremonies and receptions, meetings and family parties. Guests will enjoy the scenic views and comfortable surroundings, along with plentiful parking. Call 262-653-4140 or log on to www.kenoshapublicmuseum.org for more information. Kenosha Public Museum Focus and Mission: The Kenosha Public Museum collects, preserves, and interprets decorative and fine arts, natural science specimens, and cultural artifacts from around the world and throughout time. The Kenosha Public Museums (Kenosha Public Museum, Dinosaur Discovery Museum and Civil War Museum) are owned and operated by the City of Kenosha, to enrich the cultural and community life of the Kenosha area, the greater region, Museum visitors and patrons. The Kenosha Public Museums collect and conserve artifacts and specimens, develop diverse displays and exhibits and present educational programs for all ages. Open Daily-Closed Most Holidays Sunday 12-5pm Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm The Museums may be open for special activities on some holidays. pinemanor401.com

75th Anniversary In 2011, the Kenosha Public Museum marks an incredible milestone: the 75th Anniversary of a community jewel. We invite you to be right there with us, “Celebrating the Past, Transforming the Future.” In 1936, few imagined that the Kenosha Public Museum in the old post office building would someday turn a shining face toward Lake Michigan. Over time, thousands of people, generation upon generation, have visited the Museum for enrichment, education, and social interaction. Our community has woven the Museum into their lives – from founding members who guided to the Museum to its new lakefront home, to baby boomers recalling school field trips and Saturday morning movies, to families making their first Candy House together, to former tots now bringing their children and grandchildren to enjoy the Museum’s collections. Join us throughout our anniversary year as we celebrate the past and transform the future! Museum Memories Help us celebrate 75 years of enrichment, education, and entertainment by sharing your Museum Memories with us! Send us photos of your favorite Kenosha Public Museum events, the best class you attended, or your visit to the KPM! Send to: Kenosha Public Museum, Attn. Museum Memories, 5500 First Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53140 or MuseumMemories@gmail.com. Please include your full name, a description of the individuals/event pictured, approximate date of the photo you are sharing, and a contact phone number. If you mail photos and would like them returned, please include a stamped envelope. Photos will be returned by the end of the anniversary year. By submitting a photo, you give the Kenosha Public Museums permission to share it in any future Museum publications. The Jubilee Anniversary Terrace The Jubilee Anniversary Terrace is prominently situated on First Avenue south of the Kenosha Public Museum entrance. It will be a gathering spot for Museum visitors and students. Your donation goes directly back to the Museum to support exhibits and education programs. Remember a loved one; honor a family member or friend; commemorate a special event! A Living Legacy To honor those 75 years, and to ensure the next 75 years, please consider “A Living Legacy” to the Kenosha Public Museums Foundation. Including the Foundation in your estate plan enables the Kenosha Public Museums to enrich, enlighten, and inspire lives and enhance the cultural dimensions of our community while leaving a family legacy.
The Museum is handicap accessible and visitors are welcome to bring their own wheelchair, walker, or other device. Service animals are welcome. The Museum has one wheelchair that may be checked out for use during your visit. Stop at the front desk for more information. The gift shop has a great selection of unique collectibles, electric streetcar replicas, Kenosha Public Museum logo items, jewelry, children’s games and puzzles, cultural items from around the world and much more. The Kenosha Public Museum’s gift shop is the perfect place to shop for everyone on your list–including yourself! Kenosha Public Museums members receive a 10% discount on gift shop purchases. Become a member now! Log on for more information! Check Google Places for a 10% off coupon Classes: The Kenosha Public Museums offer a wide variety of classes and workshops for all ages. Suggestions for new classes are welcome. Contact the Curator of Education at262-653-4426 with your suggestions: 2011 Transparent Watercolor Society Workshops. Civil War Museum Adult and Youth Workshops, Dinosaur Discovery Museum Classes, Kenosha Public Museum Adult Classes and Workshops, Kid’s Classes & Family Workshops Log on to www.kenoshapublicmuseum.org for more information.


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Tue – Sun. 12:00 Pm – 5:00 Pm
Mon. Closed

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The Dinosaur Discovery Museum is the only museum to exclusively focus on the link between birds and meat-eating dinosaurs, one of the most complete known fossil records.
In association with the. Step back into the Mesozoic era, at the Dinosaur Discovery Museum, in Kenosha, WI. Experience the outdoor sights and sounds, in different terrains, and weather conditions, during your walk through the “Age of Dinosaurs”. The Carthage Institute of Paleontology, is located on site, and works in cooperation with the Dinosaur Discovery Museum to offer hands-on participation, free museum days, and, fieldtrips for kids, schools, groups, and organizations, of all kinds.
Located just 25 minutes from Milwaukee and 55 minutes from Chicago, the Kenosha Public Museums, make the perfect destination for a day trip, or, rainy day activity!
Small, but our daughter loved it. I took my nephew and he was very disappointed not a lot to look at or do. The Museum collaborates with the CIP in research, field work, and education programs.
This includes the collection and preservation of dinosaur specimens for its research collections.
The main gallery tells the story of how non-avian theropod dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Allosaurus gave rise to the avian dinosaurs – the birds.
This is one of the most complete transitions known from the fossil record and can be seen in action in the Museum. The gallery is a primer on dinosa(…)

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