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Flying Squirrels About 10″ long from nose to tail the flying squirrel has brown fur and large, round eyes. With a loose skin flap between its front and rear legs, the flying squirrel can glide from tree to tree or to a building. They eat nuts, acorns, fungi, lichen, fruits, buds, sap, and bird eggs, small nesting birds, and insects. This nocturnal animal can take up residence in attics and walls, causing structural damage, leaving feces, and carrying diseases such as rabies, and roundworm. Bats There are currently 8 types of bats in Wisconsin, 3 that live solitary lives and migrate south for the winter, and 5 that are permanent residents, hibernating for the winter, living in caves, mine shafts, and buildings. Several of these species prefer houses due to the warmth available for their young. These mammals have a long life span, living up to 30 years. This nocturnal flying mammal can cause serious damage to a home due to the feces and urine which can create a strong odor and stain walls and ceilings. Though not prone to rabies, testing has shown that 1 in 200 do carry the disease. Bat droppings also are a good environment for diseases like histoplasmosis. Raccoons This masked marauder is most noted for raiding garbage cans though a family of raccoons can destroy a home once they have moved in. Raccoons have a tendency to locate or create an opening into an attic where they set up housekeeping, tearing up the insulation and leaving large quantities of droppings. Carpenter Ants Ladybugs Mosquitoes
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