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DentaCare Racine – Comprehensive Care is a philosophy we use in everything we do to help you achieve and maintain an aesthetic, comfortable smile. Comprehensive Care goes beyond treating one tooth at a time. It
The staff is very nice, however im not impressed with being shot in the gums with numbing stuff then walked away from for over 30 mins before they come back and decided to work on my teeth. Then i had a broken wisdom tooth in the back. they told me they only use local ansteetic no no no, i will not be returning to get this tooth pulled i will go and get pain pills and just live with it till i find a dentist who will put me under, if you have a choice go else where to get your teeth done

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    Prabodh G.

    Franksville, WI

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    I was at DentaCare Racine. very good service. Very nice doctor. Very nice Dental Hygenist В name Meghan. Meghan has very soft hand when she is deep cleaning the teeth. Very nice place with simple touch.Staff В very friendly. P G

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    David L.

    Chicago, IL

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    I would like to say that the dentist there is great .very good and understands and knows what he is doing . I had 12 teeth extracted upper and lower . I felt no pain on some of the but one of them was a curved tooth and the Dr pulled it when Dr Lee rand in Kenosha wont touch it . My last dentist in Chicago placed 6 crowns in my mouth at a cost of 6,000,00 us dollars his name is Dr Paul J. chaiken Good dentist but costly . , Im not saying it ant painful a curved tooth but The dentist applied more Novocain to the gums and tooth , bear down on a tuff tooth to pull and your ok .If it wasn’t for them taking united healthcare I would of been stuck in Kenosha community center . I’m getting upper and lower false teeth made in about six weeks from them .I also Have to have root scaling done too , but it needs approval from insurance for that . So Ill post how the rest of my visit will go , it should all go very well . Im hoping for a visit soon so I can be fitted for partials my upper and lower . Im pleased with them now .

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    Betty T.

    Kenosha, WI

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    I recently had a tooth crack В and was able to contact the office where the receptionist, Ann, was wonderfully pleasant right off the bat. В I would become a new patient at this office and was able to get in the following day! В The office staff is really friendly and the office itself is clean and welcoming. В The dentist was very comforting and explained all of the options available to me. В He worked on my tooth making sure I was comfortable the entire time. В I returned three weeks later to have my root canal and restoration completed. В I was very satisfied from the very first phone call to this office. В I will be returning with my two sons in a few weeks to have full exams. В Great atmosphere and wonderful people here!

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    Richard C.

    Racine, WI

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    Very Good Staff, friendly environment.

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