Dane County Humane Society




(608) 838-0413

(608) 267-1989


5132 Voges Rd,
Madison, WI 53718

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The shelter is located on a 29-acre wooded site off of Voges Road in Madison. Helping people help animals.
Please help us help keep pets in their homes by donating pet food and cat litter to help families in need at local food pantries.
Now through December 18, several Madison area businesses have barrels at their locations just waiting for your donation! Help Keep Pets in Their Homes – Dane County Humane Society. Our facility includes a state-of-the-art veterinary center, animal exercise areas, walking trails, a barn to house large animals, counseling rooms for adoptions, and special rooms for animals needing extra attention or medical care.
5132 Voges Road Madison, WI 53718.
(608) 838-0413

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Americas Best Flower
@ ambestflowers
Wish List – Dane County Humane Society https://fb.me/4e7gwkNSp

Sun Prairie Star
@ sunprairiestar
Dog wash on July 25 benefits Dane County Humane Society — https://ow.ly/PReWd

Lane Manning
@ LanoManning
Wisconsin, USA
CVE field trip.. Dogs, cats, and snakes (@ Dane County Humane Society in Madison, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/bMiCCcCpJLD pic.twitter.com/eDiomRV0fd

Jason Dunkel
@ J_le_Dunk
Wisconsin, USA
What are the odds that @
JonathanMaberry coming to Dane County Humane Society tomorrow so I can meet him and get an autograph while I work?

Catherine Garcia
@ catffeine
Wisconsin, USA
Adopting this little guy! (@ Dane County Humane Society in Madison, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/c4YOXiJK8xG pic.twitter.com/avIG6Q4Cm5

Michael Baldwin
@ 4thngol
Wisconsin, USA
Drinking an Amnesia by @
GrumpyTrollBrew @ Dane County Humane Society — https://untp.beer/s/c152946965

Madison Jobs
@ madisonjobsx
Sun Prairie, WI
Adoption Counselor – Dane County Humane Society – Sun Prairie, WI: In addition to completing adoption counsel… https://bit.ly/1GwUOpL

Joe Zitzelsberger
@ jjz
Wisconsin, USA
kattymonkey visiting the animals at DCHS @ Dane County Humane Society https://instagram.com/p/whdEJQFrLd/

@ momentitus
Wisconsin, USA
Melted in the presence of a basador today. #
basset #
blacklab @ Dane County Humane Society https://instagram.com/p/tLvhdouawI/

Chloe Kasper
@ Kaaaysper
Madison, WI
Come see me at hooters to help donate to the Dane county humane society!

david hendrix
@ dmlat
Madison, WI
Dane County Humane Society is lowering adoption fees on adult cats to $5 this Sun and Mon. If you can provide a good home, check it out

Patrick Lindsley
@ macbass
Wisconsin, USA
Maddies Fund Adopt-athon.PUPPY?????????? (@ Dane County Humane Society) https://4sq.com/1rtKtso

@ bennettw10
Madison, WI
ang_leigh https://www.giveshelter.org/volunteer-at-dane-county-humane-society.html… join me next fall as a critter cuddler and play with dogs all day!

Julian Holtzman
Madison, WI
Thanks @
Ktoe26 for supporting dogs 4 dogs and Dane county humane society! #
badgers @
UWBadgers #
acaciafraternity pic.twitter.com/hXXD22mfX5

Joe Zitzelsberger
@ jjz
Madison, WI
Dropping off Kats donation. Its good to teach children to be charitable.
icon smile(@ Dane County Humane Society) https://4sq.com/1e1Ma56

Kim Krueger
@ Zeroto5kKim
Love this video from Dane County Humane Society. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpKDt230U0s&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DZpKDt230U0s….

Sammi Linder
@ SammiKinzer
Madison, WI
DJ and proceeds going to Dane County Humane Society… Yup happy Halloweenie! (@ TGI Fridays) https://4sq.com/1dvXAPO

Catherine Garcia
@ catffeine
Madison, WI
Haunted Trail! Now where is everybody… (@ Dane County Humane Society) https://4sq.com/19FLj9J

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