Daisy’s Western Saloon


(920) 230-2544


686 N Main St,
Oshkosh, WI 54901

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Why aren’t you here with us?! We’re giving away Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney tickets at lambeau field! Don’t miss out! One more hour

Jake Ross Matt Hendricks Lyndsey Malliet

Hanging out with good friends and waiting for my bestie. .Tammy

I’m buying drinks and I have to pay for water? Lucky they had a great band. Won’t be back again.

Did Lady’s night. Took about 5 minutes upon arrival to get anyone’s attention from behind the bar. They helped the people next to us then walked awau. Then they wouldn’t include grenadine in my friend’s drink, fine, I guess. Owner was micromanaging bartenders to a very frustrating point. She packed so much ice in my drink that I couldn’t stir it. I literally saw her pack it down with the ice scoop. My drink was still 3/4 ice when I finished it. Bartender looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for no more ice, please. Bathroom had a leaky toilet, water all over the floor. Took me two minutes to get paper towel from dispenser. Overall frustrating experience. Don’t imagine I’ll be back.

Stellar place. Went for my birthday and was able to drink for free. It was a great time and the food was very good. The names of the different types fit the whole decor of the place. If its not on the menu, you can just ask and they can probably make it. I will return.

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From drinks to food & entertainment, we take care of it all.
686 N Main St Oshkosh, WI, WI 54901.
(920) 230-2544

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One Strong Army
@ OneStrongArmy
July 31st will be Feed The Dogs debut show in Oshkosh WI at Daisys Western Saloon for The Main… https://instagram.com/p/5aK_XshgD3/

Also Known As

Daisy’s Western Saloon LLC

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