Dairy State Family Restaurant


(920) 892-2424


506 E Mill St Stop 1,
Plymouth, WI 53073

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Mon – Sun. Open 24 Hours

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Blt and soup under$5.00. Two thumbs up

Teresita Barias Pfister and Jacqueline Clark Pfister

Friday before the big day! Jade, my little girl, is getting married tomorrow!!! Just hanging out having lunch with the bridesmaids, grandma, aunts, cousins. awesome day. still waiting for another amazing niece to arrive!

Meeting with the Daughter’s of the American Revolution Plymouth Chapter

Ralph loved the beef nac soup today !

Breakfast wid Dan Doug n Dustin

Wow, what could be better for a 9-year-old the a waffle with strawberries, ice cream and whipped cream!

Plymouth, WI. Heading to Cleveland, beautiful, sunny day for riding!

Poor service. Waitresses run around & ignore their table’s or are just that overwhelmed. Had to go up and get our own coffee. Our party is 3, 4 & 6 hours away and will never stop again!!!!!

Pizza omg so good gyro wrap and cheese burgers are so good owner is such a nice guy. Chicken Alfredo so yummy too you ain’t been here stop and try it and we tried the Baked Cod today the best i ever hadď

I stopped in today to have a father-son lunch with my dad and I have to say your restaurant has been impressing me. I have never been disappointed with either the quality of the food or the service of your staff. Your waitress today (Shyanne I think?) was very polite and helpful, as have all of your wait staff that I’ve encountered so far. Thank you for the nice lunch!.
Dairy State. 3 likes | 3 were here. Full menu. Breakfast anytime. Full bar and banquet room.

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@ jorajj
Plymouth, WI
hot chocolate for a cold day with Plymouth @ Dairy State Family Restaurant https://instagram.com/p/nI4HxQr1x-/

Ashley Feyen
@ ashers85
Plymouth, WI
Lunch with Gwen…taking a break from thrift shopping (@ Dairy State Family Restaurant) https://4sq.com/1b7t6Gu

@ shyanneheimerl
Plymouth, WI
Stop in dairy state family restaurant and say hi!

Chris Salani
@ Salani
Plymouth, WI
Im at Dairy State Family Restaurant (Plymouth, WI) https://4sq.com/WIvOag

Ashley Feyen
@ ashers85
Plymouth, WI
Late lunch with Clayton (@ Dairy State Family Restaurant) https://4sq.com/M2Usv2

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