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(920) 435-0104


1301 Main St,
Green Bay, WI 54302

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Mon – Thu. 10:30 Am – 9:00 Pm
Fri – Sat. 10:30 Am – 10:00 Pm
Sun. 10:30 Am – 9:00 Pm

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Dairy Queen, Green Bay, Wisconsin. 290 likes | 12 talking about this | 435 were here. This Dairy Queen Ltd Brazier is located at 1301 Main St in Green. .

This review is hidden. View reviewFirst off they only have half the menu that’s advertised on t.v. We order soda and got a half a cup full. No burgers,fri. es, and didnt even give us our change back at first until we asked. When we did ask, we heard the employees in the back callin my mother a “white bitch”. . just absolutely horrible. I strongly advise against anyone considering going here to eat

I guess they don’t participate in the “served upside promotion” or they just didn’t want to give us our free blizzard ev. en though the girl was all, “oh no, I forgot to serve it upside down” when I called her on it. Both of our blizzard cups had holes in the side of them. And it took a good 8 minutes for them to make 2 blizzards. They are always slow. Might as well drive to De Pere. Probably would be faster.

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dairy queen ltd brazier image image image

Dairy Queen LTD Brazier.
The only reason this got 2 stars instead of 1 is because I love Dairy Queen itself. This specific one has rude teens that act like they are too cool to be doing their job. I wanted to get an arctic rush and they told me their machine isn’t working.
After reading other reviews it sounds like they just don’t want to deal with their duties as an employee. I also waited in line for over 30 minutes on this same occasion. I think I could have made my own ice cream faster.
I am not eating this sandwich I just bought. I will avoid all DQ from now on. Took forever to get my food.
They were very light on the toppings as well. DQ ice cream is always good but service is sloooooow. I miss the old restaurant!
Even though you had to stand outside in line, you never had to wait long.
Rarely do I see anyone who looks like they are actually managing the place. We’ve gone there several times.
Service is slow and employees are rude and incompetent. We had to drive up to the window and order there. On two other separate occasions we placed an order for 2 vanilla cones and one twist cone. The order was read back as 2 vanilla cones.
When asked about the twist cone they replied that their chocolate isn’t working.
The employee was just going to ignore the order for the twist cone instead of informing me that there is no chocolate. I’ve had it with that place. Ill drive further for my DQ fix(…)

Also Known As

Green Bay, Wi – Dairy Queen Ltd Brazier, American Dairy Queen Corporation

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