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D & D Landscaping Inc. 51 likes. D&D Landscaping Is a family owned and operated full service landscaping company based in Delavan, WI. Serving commercial. .

We show a lot of work using hardscapes, brick. This has become a very popular trend in the recent years to extend the living space to the outdoors. Why not do it using something so elegant and unique as a brick paver. In the recent years brick pavers have changed dramatically in the styles and colors available. No longer are the basic paver the only style available. Now you are able to get products that look like flagstone or bluestone ad an example. Color choices are incre. dible as well. Color blends now have taken over from just having a solid color. Don’t get me wrong if you want the basic paver and solid color look it is still available and it still has its place. We here at D&D Landscaping are proud to say we use Unilock products. As part of that we follow all standards and procedures that Unilock has set forth. This has allowed us to say that we are part of the Authorized Contractor (AC) program that Unilock has star, ted. Look for an AC if you are considering any type of outdoor space. You will be guaranteed of an outstanding space; from the products, to the colors, to the installation. Don’t settle for an inferior product. You won’t be happy in the long run. Call us with any questions or to set up an appointment to come look at your project.

Lauderdale Lakes Here are the finished pictures from the bluestone patio. Well almost the finished pictures. This is the day before we laid the sod and finished sanding all of the joints with a polymeric sand. This patio has a lannon stone cobble border around it. Gives it a distinct look.

Delavan Lake We took this house and updated the edging around it and gave it a fresh coat of mulch. It’s really nice to see how much of a difference just something as simple as this can do to a house to increase the curb appeal.

Lauderdale Lakes We were able to get this job done before the 4th and in time to make this homeowner a happy lady for her big 75th birthday party on that day. What an amazing difference to the front of this house. The new deck complimented by a new entry walk and beautiful plantings. The color here should be amazing as it fills in. Vicky did a great job designing and installing these plantings.

Despite the bad weather today we were still able to make pretty good progress on this new job we star, ted last week. Before pictures will be coming soon. Today we were able to finish the gravel base, get our sand down and star, t to lay out the brick on about 75% of the walk. Despite the muddy mess we were left with from the rain yesterday and this afternoon. Big plants are in, perennials will star, t to go in tomorrow, mulching and finish the walk on Wednesday. Just in time too. This job needs to be finished before the weekend.

Lauderdale Lakes These pictures are the before pictures on one of the projects we are currently working on. The people wanted to remove this 20+ year old ground level deck and replace it with a stone patio. They chose to use bluestone in irregular shaped pieces. The finished pictures should be coming shortly after July 4th.

Our future planting crew in training

This is a retaining wall we built about 3 years ago. This wall replaced a treated timber wall that had been in place for a number of years. This wall supports the driveway. The other major challenge with this project was to manage the water that flows down the drive from the road. And in a big rain we are talking about major water. So we included a catch basin and drain tiles in the wall to collect and manage the runoff. This wall was constructed from another Unilock product. This product is Roman Pisa. Each block weighs approximately 35 pounds and is 8″ wide and 6″ tall. The great feature of this product versus some of the other engineered products is that it is so much more aesthetically pleasing. Another satisfied customer. Remember to use a Unilock Authorized Contractor on your next project. You will see the benefits.

Not only do we do hardscapes, we also can create unique plantings based on customer desires and site conditions. Here is an example of a planting around a newly remodeled house and deck.

Like we promised here are the pictures of the firepit finished in the morning. This project is intended to have more work done to it to make it complete. The intent at this time is to have log benches that go around the firepit for seating. The other add on that will be done at a later date is to add coping to the top of it. This will give a completely different look. Each firepit comes standard with the metal insert. There is an optional grill that you can get to go with it. They also make the firepit in a square version.

So star, t to finish of the firepit install about 1 and half hours. I just finished building it and star, ted when the first post went up. Getting to dark for pictures. Have t take tomorrow and post them. Entire project from dig out to gravel install to firepit took about half a day.

One of the biggest and hottest trends for outdoor spaces is having a firepit. Now there are some really elaborate installations out there and they can cost quite a bit of money. If you want to stay simple and just add a small space to entertain and for family enjoyment then keep an eye on this latest project. We will be installing a Unilock firepit not in an elaborate brick patio but just on a circular gravel area. Plenty of room to sit around and enjoy the company, the warmth, and the glow of a wood fire. Here is the star, t of the project. We have the area dug out and the gravel base has been compacted. Stay tuned for more of the project.

Lauderdale Lakes. Here are a few pictures of a project that we did about 8 years ago. We took an old concrete walk and turned it into this magnificent brick entry and sitting area. Even as small as this space is, this shows you can make any space usable and enjoyable.

Shade gardens are sometimes hard for people. Here are a few pictures of planting beds we did a few years back. Hosta are great shade plants. By using a variety of color and sizes you can create interest. Play with size, shape, color, and heighth. Add a splash of color using annuals.

Lauderdale Lakes. We added these pillars and walls to the steps and walkway that was done three years before. Just an example of how you can add on to a brick project once it has been completed. Not only do these pillars create a whole different look, they are also functional to help divert water away from the steps. We had a water problem from the large amount of runoff down this hill. The steps had washed out before. The solution; create a way to divert the water. This makes it so much more pleasant to look at as well as solving the problem.

Williams Bay front walk before and after of new entry stairs.

Williams Bay front walk before pictures.

Williams Bay back walk before pictures.

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