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When two brothers founded Cybros in 1969, sprouted grains weren’t new. In fact, the concept of sprouting grains to make bread has been around for thousands of years.Over the years, Cybros quietly gained a loyal following among people who wanted to eat healthy without sacrificing bread from their diets.Our History with CybrosOn a warm summer evening in 2008, we sat down to a typical dinner of turkey burgers, tomato mozzarella salad and sweet potato fries , a family favorite. Only this time, we tried something new , the Cybros Sprouted Seven-Grain hamburger bun. Our lives were forever changed at first bite.Jenny, a stay-at-home mom of two with a marketing background, and James, a finance guy, commuting daily from Milwaukee to Chicago, had long been searching for a local business to purchase. In these uncertain times, we wanted to have the ultimate control over our destiny.So, how do a Mamma and Finance guy come to buy a bakery? This is a question we get asked time and time again. The answer is simple , we have a passion for excellence, and that is exactly what we found in Cybros.Soon after that fateful dinner, we began making arrangements to purchase the company. We have immersed ourselves in the business of baking delicious, natural breads. James has traded in his suits for jeans, and we could not be happier.Our whole family has found favorites among the diverse Cybros line of breads, rolls and cookies. Bella loves the flavorful sprouted raisin. Our combination of sweet juicy raisins and sprouted grains is her favorite after-school snack, keeping her fueled up until dinner. Lexi, who always knows her mind and doesn’t like to know she’s eating healthy foods, loves Soya Sunflower because it resembles the traditional white breads popular among kids. Little does she know just how healthy it is!

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3275 East Layton Ave., Cudahy, WI 53110.
(800) 876-2253

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Cybros Bakery

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