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Looking for great Thai Food?


(608) 238-1900

(608) 273-9100


3519 University Ave,
Madison, WI 53705

Located on University Ave next to Starbucks.

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Thai & Indian Cuisine. Our curries are spiced from mid to hot, served withThai Jasmine rice. Signature Curry Dishes:Sweet Potato Curry, Pad Thai, Peanut Delight and Buddha Feast. Additional Menu Options: Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian.

Please call for Delivery.

Open Hours

Mon – Sun. 11:00 Am – 9:00 Pm

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Curry in the Box – University Avenue. 138 likes | 3 talking about this | 81 were here. Love Thai? So do we! We have amazing curries, stir fry, and more. .

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Onions, apples and potatoes all have the same taste. The difference in flavor is caused by their smell. ‪#‎FunFactFriday‬ (give it a try – hold your nose, they will all taste sweet)

Feeling a little warm outside? Enter, Shrimp Summer Roll – hand rolled for every order, these tasty snacks are the perfect cooling appetizer!

Hard day at work? These tigers are with you – take a quick productivity break and listen to the tigers’ rough day smile emoticon ‪#‎humpday‬

We have a new wine collection at Curry in the Box. Come on in and try a glass with your curry – use your own taste, this helpful article, or ask for a suggestion!

Carrots were originally purple! Mind bender! ‪#‎FunFactFriday‬

How much spice is too much spice? If spicy food is your favorite, this list might just be you:

The lotus has a variety of meanings across cultures – let’s see which one you’ll get! We got White smile emoticon

Have you tried our newest dish? The Green Papaya Side Salad is perfect for the summer with fresh cut veggies and covered in a light sweet and sour sauce.

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Turmeric a herb found in most curry powder has been surprisingly effective against Alzheimer’s symptoms in multiple studies, and currently out-performs any known Alzheimer’s drug. ‪#‎FunFactFriday‬ ‪#‎CurryHelps‬

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Hold the phone – we’ve shown off amazing Thai food art before, but with ice cream?! These gelato masters show off some quick food-art talent!

Happy Monday! We’re always able to accommodate ‪#‎MeatlessMonday‬ – we can swap any meat for tofu in all our dishes! www.curryintheboxuniversity.com

The word “curry” comes from a Tamil word kari, meaning spices or sautéed vegetables. The meaning changed when Portuguese traders began using it for the sauces with which rice was served. ‪#‎FunFactFriday‬

Sometimes you just never know with veggies!

You’ve been doing it all wrong! KitchenAid, not only a mixer, but a pets best friend smile emoticon Happy ‪#‎HumpDay‬

Tofu Tuesday! Any of our dishes can be served with tofu instead, like this Pad See Yue. Just ask to switch! www.curryintheboxuniversity.com

Fantastic food that warms you right up, perfect for this chilly time. Staff are all amazing & the Japanese Pan Curry is deliciously crisp and tasty!.

Curry in the Box, Fitchburg, Wisconsin. 13,587 likes | 44 talking about this | 320 were here. Love Thai? So do we! We have amazing curries, stir fry,. .

Curry Puffs – our newest appetizer! A lightly fried crunchy exterior, filled with curried potato and veggies.

Thailand grows them big! This stingray may break the record for largest freshwater fish, which is currently held by another Thai catch!

Not commonly used by modern Thai, many people still use Monday’s auspicious color of yellow since it honors the King’s day of birth. Tuesday’s color is pink – in case you were wondering! ‪#‎ThailandTuesday‬

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The wai follows strict protocol. Respect and courtesy are demonstrated by the height at which the hands are held and how low the head comes down to meet the thumbs of both hands. ‪#‎ThailandTuesday‬

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There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw We couldn’t agree more! smile emoticon

Kitchen tip of the week: Love your olive oil, but know how to use it!

Bamboo shoot, basil, onion, and mushrooms stir fried in a chili sauce with wide rice noodle. Like this photo if you’re a Pad Kee Mao fan!

Jim Thompson, an American OSS officer in World War II, helped revitalize the Thai silk industry in the 1950-60s. ‪#‎ThailandTuesday‬

Brighten up your Monday with some adorable (clumsy) baby elephants!

First we eat, then we do everything else.” -M.F.K. Fisher Base yourself with good food and have a great weekend!

Is it food or is it art. Personally, we’re in favor of the little bit of both argument! Let us know what you think!

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Chiang Mai Noodles are named after the Thai province Chiang Mai! ‪#‎ThaiTuesday‬

Served on a bed of steamed veggies, Garlic and Pepper Chicken is just right for a summer evening meal!

This place is delicious! So many vegan options. Roti bread is my favorite!

I eat here on a weekly basis. Friendly staff, delicious, healthy food, and it’s super affordable! My favorites: panang chicken and chicken karee.
Curry in the Box, Fitchburg, Wisconsin. 13,587 likes | 45 talking about this | 320 were here. Love Thai? So do we! We have amazing curries, stir fry,. .

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curry in the box image image image

Thai restaurant that is specializing in Curry!
Curry in the Box. Delicious food prepared quickly. Tasty, but this location doesn’t give the same portion sizes as the Cahill location.
3519 University Ave Madison, WI 53705.
(608) 238-1900

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