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(608) 987-3010


221 Commerce St,
Mineral Point, WI 53565

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Cruise Inn Bar and Grill. 189 likes | 7 talking about this | 212 were here. Established in 1992! Cruise Inn is known for the best burger. hand pattied. .

Brand new on tap today at the Cruise. .introducing “Inaugural Red”. .a smooth lager created by UW Madison students and Wisconsin Brewing Co. Stop in and try an ice cold pint!

I have to address a rumor that has been flying around our small town, I have heard it several times just this morning and over the last couple of weeks. I have not sold the Cruise Inn to Carolyn. There has never been any discussion of selling the Cruise Inn to Carolyn and Carolyn has absolutely no interest in purchasing the Cruise Inn. I am just too fun to work for! I’ll be star, ting year 24 soon, and Carolyn will be right here to help. Thanks for that Carol. Cathy at the Cruise

Thanks Ryan Harden from the Wisconsin ATV Association for the great job on the video of the Cruise Inn. Check it out on Ryan’s post, click on the link to Trail Town!!!

Are you craving a Cruise Burger today?

I just received confirmation from Vilas Craig that he will be here for the 4th of July tomorrow and play us some tunes. Planning on star, ting right after the parade. See you here at the Cruise.

I thought I would share some photos I took earlier tonight of my front yard main street and then my back yard rainbow. .taken within minutes of each other. .only to have lightning and thunder to follow moments later.

I just got off the phone with the infamous Vilas Craig. .Vilas is a one man band and played at the Cruise every year on the 4th of July since 1999. .he missed last year, but has rumored to me that he would like to make an appearance this year and hook us up with some patriotic songs. .low key with his guitar and an amplifier. So if you remember Vilas, or back in the day remember Vilas Craig and the Vicounts. .plan your 4th of July at the Cruise! Also, come to the best spot in Mineral Point to watch the fireworks on the 4th story deck and feel the fireworks display at your feet! I will keep you posted on the Vilas gig.

Tammy Jo Imhoff Dec. 31, 1972 – May 29, 2004 We miss you every day Tam!

What’s Howee doing today!?. .Livin the dream! For those of you who do not Howee. .he is pretty popular among the customers. .and an important part of the Cruise Inn family. Today he is resting after his trip to the vet.

Photos of Anyka Johnson’s can tab party at the Cruise

I would like to thank everyone who came to the Cruise Friday night and supported Anyka “Peaches” Johnson and her family. There were hundreds of thousands of can tabs presented to Anyka, which the family is sure will put her over her 1 million goal. Thank you to the Mineral Point Fire Dept. for the 6 large boxes and the other donations brought in all week. The Cruise Inn also donated $150.00 to the 2014 Scenic Shore 150 Bike Tour held July 19 to raise money to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. If you would like to donate. .go to Kris Hodgkins & Peaches Pit Crew and make your pledge in support of Anyka. Thanks again everybody for helping!

I would like to add a comment from my previous post. If you would like to donate can tabs to 5 year old Anyka Johnson, but you cannot be here Friday. .you can drop them off at the Cruise Inn anytime this week and I will present them to the her on behalf of the donor. Thanks again.

Friday, May 2, there will be a gathering at the Cruise for little Anyka Johnson from Darlington. Anyka is 5 years old and has been fighting a battle against Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She has star, ted a mission to save 1 million can tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. On Friday, we would like to present Anyka with as many can tabs as possible. .so if you would like to join the mission and donate your tabs to Anyka, bring them to the Cruise around 7 pm this Friday and help little “Peaches” reach her million mark. Anyka and her family will be here in person. I understand if she reaches her goal, Ronald McDonald will visit her preschool. See you Friday. Thanks in advance for your donation.

Lost and Found Friday. .I have no new items, but still have the woman’s bracelet I found on Thursday Mar. 27. Friday Night Fish Fry star, ts at 5 pm tonight. .get your 2 pc. Cod with a choice of french fries or hash brown teasers, served with cole slaw and a piece of Texas Toast. Add an extra piece of fish for only $1.50.

I am going to star, t a new category on my facebook page called “Lost and Found Friday”. Occasionally I will have items lost or left here at the Cruise, most of the time I can narrow down who the item belongs to, other times I can’t. Every Friday I will post here if I have a belonging in which I have no idea who the owner could be. Here is my first item. .last night was Taco Night, and I found a bracelet on the floor near the women’s room. .it is very distinctive, and a women’s. .whoever lost it will be able to identify it. So if you were here for the Badger Game and Tacos, or you know someone who was, and you lost your bracelet, give me a call at the Cruise.

St. Patty’s weekend beer special. .16 oz. aluminum Budlight and Budweiser for $2.50 all weekend! ICE COLD!!! Enjoy them with the best hand pattied burgers anywhere!

It’s been a while since I posted. .reminder to all it is Ash Wednesday and I have awesome Cod Nuggets and a Cod Fish sandwich. .I will also do the Friday Night Fish special if that is your preference. .2 or 3 pc. cod with your choice of french fries or hashbrown teasers, served with cole slaw and a piece of texas toast!

Taco night star, ts at 6 pm tonight. .hard and soft shell with $1.00 margaritas!!

Taco night star, ts at 6 p.m. tonight. .hard and soft shell with $1.00 margaritas!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Don’t forget Thursday night taco night tomorrow at 6 p.m.

If you are looking for the best burger in Mineral Point, this is the place! Without a doubt!

Best Bartender on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon.come see her!!!.

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Cruise Inn Bar & Grill.

(608) 987-3010

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Kelli Kosmatka
@ sunkosmatka
Wisconsin, USA
leopardtuxedo looking awesome @ Cruise Inn Bar & Grill http://instagram.com/p/vaHPT5JjQH/

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