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Custom Tattoos in Turtle Lake, WI. Great art, friendly atmosphere and a safe environment. Serving WI and MN for over a decade.


(715) 263-4192


Custom Tattooing, Professional Body Piercing, serving WI & MN for over a decade, Implant grade jewelry for all piercings, WI State Licensed, Unique Gifts, Huge Selection of Jewelry, Friendly Service, Clean and Safe environment

As Tattoo Artists, we are dedicated to our art and to our clients. We continue to pursue education within our industry in creativity, safety and technical skills. We love what we do and want you to know there’s a studio you can go to which is professional, talented and dependable. Don’t settle for less. Check out our website at www.crimsonheartdesigns.com, find us also on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Pages,YouTube and Yelp
At Crimson Heart Designs in Turtle Lake, WI, you’ll experience the kind of customer service and integrity any business would be proud of. The staff here are great folks, talented Artists and very passionate about tattoos. We have all been formally trained in a professional studio apprenticeship within a licensed tattoo studio. We also are all currently licensed by the State of WI, along with our studio, which are licensed and inspected through Polk County Health Department. Stop in, meet us and make a friend or two. Hope to see you soon!


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Tue – Wed. 10:00 Am – 8:00 Pm
Thu. 10:00 Am – 6:00 Pm
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Tattoos by: Darren M. Hose’, Turtle Lake, Wisconsin. 1,776 likes | 1 was here. I am a tattoo artist based out of Turtle Lake, Wisconsin with a wide range. .

Had a great time tattooing this fun lil beauty! It’s great to love what you do.

Here’s a little color we got star, ted on. This is a cover/ redo/ add on/ fixer upper I’m doing for a client who came in with a tattoo that was only 6 weeks old. Can’t wait to get it done for her.

Here is a drawing that is up for grabs to tattoo. Just want to really do it. Call if you want it. Info is on the page.

Here is one I almost forgot to post. Love the opportunity to do what I do.

Sorry for being so remise in posting. we have been very busy these days at the studio, but here is a fun tattoo I got to do today.

Here’s a fun bit of outline I got to do on another of our great clients!!!

Getting star, ted on this fun skull watercolor piece.

One more color session on this fun piece.

Here’s a lil something I got the privilege of tattooing yesterday.

Got star, ted on some line work for what will be a really nice watercolor piece.

Here is a more simple watercolor I got to do the other day in another of my great clients.

Some work I got to do recently.

Here is a little watercolor cover up I did the other day. Had fun with this.

Another tattoo finished up. Good times, great studio! Come by or call Crimson Heart Designs for your next tattoo. 715-263-4192

Sorry for the bad angle on this photo… Have fun doing this little water colored/fox/yin yang piece.

Is a little snapshot of the tattoo I got to star, t the other day… Thanks Brandon.

As always had a great time doing some finishing touches on Tammy’s sleeve… One of my all-time favorite clients.

Here is the piece that is not normally my style. Tribute/memorial. Sorry for your loss!

Amazingly talented. a great person to talk to and get a tattoo from! Wonderful experience.
Crimson Heart Designs Tattoo Studio, Turtle Lake, WI. 5,553 likes | 103 talking about this | 1,101 were here. We’ve been happily tattooing in Turtle Lake.
I’m happy to announce that I was able to donate $500 to Coco’s heart dog rescue. I want to thank all my clients that have helped to make this possible.

I have to say, I’m one of the luckiest studio owners around. I have the best group of Artists working here, at Crimson Heart Designs. I want all of our clients to know how proud and happy I am to have this crazy group of awesome people around me. I raise my glass to you. Tony, Blake, Michelle, Darren & Anna. I love you all! Lisa

This is a rework tattoo, and add on for another of our great clients. Tattoo by: Darren

Darren completed his professional tattoo apprenticeship at Crimson Heart Designs in August of 2012. He also has completed his Bloodbourne Pathogen Certification course and is a licensed Tattoo Artist in the state of Wisconsin. “I am an artist that is passionate about the arts, and art advocacy. It is my desire to use art as a medium by which to communicate visually. Art provides me the opportunity to collaborate with artists from many different disciplines. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education and a Minor in Art History.”

Blake has been a full time, professional Tattoo Artist since 2007. He was trained with a formal, studio apprenticeship. He also has his updated Bloodbourne Pathogen Certification, along with his current WI State Tattooist license. Blake is an award winning Tattoo Artist and enjoys black and gray tattooing. He specializes in automotive and mechanical designs. He is also well versed in a large variety of tattoo styles.

Had a great time getting to tattoo this on Randy! Thank you for the fun times! Done by Tony

Stop by the studio to pick up your tattoo aftercare cream, custom made for us by Crimson Heart Designs founder, Lisa LeCuyer Kofakis at Silver Creek Springs

Piercing Walk Ins tonight (Tues) with Michelle 4pm-8pm. Tattoo Walk Ins with Tony tomorrow from noon to 8pm. First come, first served!

Our friends at Chicken Creek Ranch were hit hard by the storm last Sunday night. They lost hundreds of birds and suffered major damage to their chicken tractors. Please follow this link to lend a helping hand.

Why do we use bandages instead of Saran Wrap? Here’s some reasons why by Peggy Sucher of Skin Deep Tattoo Waikiki “What’s the Problem? The problem is that plastic wrap creates an occlusive seal meaning that no air gets in and no air gets out. This keeps all of the body fluids pooling on the skin surface. That surface builds up body temperatures to nearly 103 degrees which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Your new tattoo has just been turned into a petri-dish for. bacterial growth. Nice, huh? That pooling of body fluids-all liquids must go somewhere and that is to the bottom of the plastic wrap. Body fluids leak out and run down the body where people will brush against other people or surfaces thus creating a multi-contaminated field. And putting a piece of paper towel at the bottom does nothing to stop the oozing and temperature buildup. Care to Rub on Someone’s Body Fluids? I recently visited a neighboring studio and witnessed a plastic wrapped client sitting in their waiting room with body fluids running down his arm into the fabric sofa. Talk about a contaminated field! Ugh! If such an unfortunate individual enters our studio we ask them politely to leave, as we dont want their body fluids on our chairs, racks, counters or floors. I also give them a copy of this article to take back to the tattooists who obviously are not educated in blood borne pathogens. It’s Not Only Gross, It May be Illegal Most state tattoo regulations such as ours here in Hawaii specifically state the appropriate type of dressing to use. Not only is the use of plastic wrap illegal in most regulated states but it is a cheap insult to a client who deserves a better star, t with their new tattoo. What price is proper bandaging? How do you put a dollar sign on contamination prevention? Use of plastic wrap is forbidden in many quality tattoo conventions. National Tattoo Association and the Alliance of Professional Tattooists have outlawed its use in their shows. Its time that all convention promoters educate themselves and make this ban an industry-wide policy. Protect Yourself Before you, as a client, get your next tattoo, observe the practices in your chosen studio. If plastic wrap bandaging is one of them, seek another tattoo artist who cares to educate themselves on proper procedure. Think – if they dont have bandaging correct, what other errors in procedure are they committing?” Peggy Sucher Skin Deep Tattoo Waikiki Security Director, National Tattoo Assn Member, Alliance of Professional Tattooists

We use this calendula oil in our Calendula & Chamomile Tattoo Cre’me. If you’ve been tattooed by us in the last six months, we’ve given you a sample of it in your aftercare package. Tony and Lisa grow and harvest this versatile plant at their farm, Silver Creek Springs. For this and more natural skin care products, check out our online store at: www.silvercreeksprings.com

Love, love, love! All of the tattoo artists are friendly and do great work! I always recommend Crimson Heart to others looking to get tattoos or piercings!

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crimson heart designs tattoo studio image image image

We put a strong emphasis on customer service and take pride in a studio which is clean, safe and experienced.
Tattoos, Turtle Lake, Rice Lake, Wisconsin, Art, Piercing.
Crimson Heart Designs Tattoo Studio. Well, it’s been over a decade and here we still are, and going strong.
We love Turtle Lake and all the wonderful things living and working in a small community offers.
You’ll experience the kind of customer service and integrity any business would be proud of. The staff we have at Crimson Heart are wonderful people, talented Artists and passionate about tattoos.
Stop in, meet us, make a friend or two. We hope to see you soon. Keep your eye on the mailbox! All of our Artists are passionate about what they do and enjoy creating custom tattoos for our clientele. We are located in downtown Turtle Lake, WI and we can guarantee were worth the drive!
Stop in anytime to get to know us or take a look at our portfolios on our website or our Facebook page. We look forward to meeting you!
Take a trip to the Stardust Drive In Theater located in Chetek, WI this summer.
We’re happy to be advertising with them again this year.

162 13 1/2 – 14th Ave, Turtle Lake, WI 54889
(715) 263-4192

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Amber Lynn
@ Amb3rLynn24
Wisconsin, USA
Love my tattoo! #
firstink #
thightattoo #
loveit @ Crimson Heart Designs Tattoo Studio https://instagram.com/p/2UZMZugYmN/
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Cindy snowbank

Tattoo for grandson

This place has it all! Cleanliness, attractiveness & talented artists. Michelle took my design & made it better! Very happy with finished piece. Will go back again. I highly recommend this place for everybody. Even this 66 yr old grandma!

1 year ago

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