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(920) 720-0800


200 Main St,
Neenah, WI 54956

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Bicycle Renting

Open Hours

Mon. 11:00 Am – 7:00 Pm
Tue. 10:00 Am – 5:30 Pm
Wed – Fri. 11:00 Am – 7:00 Pm
Sat. 11:00 Am – 4:00 Pm
Sun. Closed

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We also have a great supply of parts, accessories and clothing.
Retail sales and service of new, used, custom, creative, exotic and fun bicycles.
These guys are awesome. Knowledgeable, customer friendly, great old school atmosphere in the store. Nothing they can’t tackle and resourceful at getting parts.
Prater and the gang are top shelf!
I highly recommend you check Cranked Bike Studio out for yourself. Awesome hometown bike shop!
Super friendly and helpful with any bike issue you may have. I strongly suggest you check them out, you won’t be disappointed.
I’ve been to Cranked multiple times.
Will be going to Cranked for all my biking needs in the future!
Very friendly, knowledgeable shop, carrying a great live of bikes (Cervello, Scott, Raleigh). Quick turn around for repairs and they are reasonably priced.
They offer bike fitting (free with certain new bike purchases) for road and triathlon. Group rides leaving from the shop are fun and always well supported.
I am most impressed by the three levels of bike fittings that the store offers.
When I called other stores in the Valley for bids, Cranked was the only store that offered such a range in fitting levels.
Service is good if you have time to schedule-in an appointment. During the summer it can be as much as a 2-3 week wait. The guys are very friendly and helpful. Very nice botique bike shop!
Knowledgeable, customer friend(…)

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Mike Gescheidle
@ MikeGescheidle
Neenah, WI
TV party! Except the tv is a bike shop and the party is just me illin. (at @
Cranked Bike Studio)

@ Group_Ride
Neenah, WI
Watching Steve from @
GroupRide doing his business. On the technical side. (at @
Cranked Bike Studio) [pic]:

Steve Scherck
@ sshrek
Neenah, WI
Cranked Bike Studio Christmas party!!!! (@ Paper City Pub) [pic]:

Mike Gescheidle
@ MikeGescheidle
Neenah, WI
Prolly getting a stern talking to by pratter (at @
Cranked Bike Studio)

Steve Scherck
@ sshrek
Cranked Bike Studio
Im at @
Cranked Bike Studio (Neenah, WI)

Mike Gescheidle
@ MikeGescheidle
Cranked Bike Studio
I didnt ride a bike for a year because of a brake cable. Oops (at @
Cranked Bike Studio)

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Cranked Bike Studio LLC

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