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A Letter to the American people, I have a story to tell, then a question to ask of you. This should be of special interest to disabled veterans and those whom have lost family members serving their country so all would be equal under our justice system. In 1994 I purchased a farm that had an easement running through it, the easement was given to a Mr. Joe Vosberg in 1987 who had bought wooded acre. s just south of the land that belongs to us. The easement he received was to be no more than a width of 30 ft. and he was not to fence it, it was also stated that he would have to keep all gates closed at all times. The land the easement went through was used for both cropland and pasture. At the time their were two gates, one as you enter the property, the second one was 350 ft. separating the cropland and pasture. An agreement was made that he was not to build a residential building as the zoning would require a 66 ft. easement. In 2002 we decided to change the layout of our property to rotate grazing and to lay over a quarter mile of water line. The gates wouldn’t have to be closed across the easement for the cattle to get back to the building for water. Around the same time in 2002 Mr. Vosberg star, ted the construction of a log cabin on his property. Things went well until the spring of 2007 when I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Shortly later began what I considered bullying. In the fall of 2007 shortly after I returned home from having part of my bladder removed Mr. Vosberg invaded our home demanding and ordering my son Ted to fence the easement or he would take us to court. Later, in August of 2008 he took us to court claiming that because of the new layout of our land a larger burden was placed upon him. Mr. Vosberg’s attorney and the judge were from the same law office, our attorney was informed, we asked for a new judge to hear our case, but no new judge was contacted. The hearing star, ted, The first question the judge asked Mr. Vosberg’s attorney was were the gates at the cattle crossing where they you would use them? Mr. Vosberg’s attorney proceeded by lying, telling the judge that there were no cattle crossings there, misleading the court. The lies continued, he said that the contract easement was from a prior time and it no longer applied but it was shown in the deed for the first time when the property changed hands. He also said that he had a bathroom and generator at his cabin, but the permit given to him was strictly for a 32 by 32 ft. cabin, water and electricity was not allowed. The lies continued when he told the town board that his easement road was not passable during the winter to have his taxes lowered, but told the court that he had an all seasons easement road. Later, our attorney was questioning Mr. Vosberg as to why he would not close the gates as he agreed to in the easement contract, the judge interfered saying there were no gates. This took our right away, because the judge would not let our attorney defend us. The two gates had already been established, one was mentioned in the deed, the other by both, Mr. Vosberg and his brother. Vosbergs attorney asked the judge to rule for him as he wanted to establish it as a full time resident the judge agreed he was entitled to a full time resident. so having cattle on the easement interfered with the enjoyment of his property because of the use he makes of it so if we want to pasture our cattle we have to fence the easement. the judge claimed that going to a rotation grazing put a bigger burden on vosburg but with this system he had two gates to keep closed only when the cattle were in pasture no 6 which were less than 20 days out of the year. where as the easement contract called for all gates be closed at all times. he makes no sense at all what his ruling does do is add hundreds of thousands of dollars to vosburgs property by allowing a resident where zoning does not. this value comes out of our property as we lose about 20 acres of pasture as it is impossible to fence. now to rule for vosburg this is what the judge had to do. First he had to set aside a legal binding agreement as recorded in the title then he had to change how the land could be used from how it is zoned. he gave vosburg the right to a resident although it did not meet the zoning requirements then used that to take away its ag use as pasture for which it is zoned. also he just thumbed his nose at the right to farm laws. then to justify his ruling he came up with a total lie that that we had installed 3 additional gates to the easement that vosburg had to open and close over and over again. fact is that there were 2 gates at the time the easement was made and there are 2 gates now. where in the heck does the judge come up with 3 additional gates. How is a ruling like this even possible in america? is this what america has become a fascist nation where us old disabled veterans are seen as being so inferior that our property rights can be taken to enrich those considered superior or is it just something special from wisconsin. also the pasture whose use was taken away wasn’t even part of the lawsuit. so we couldn’t defend it. no due process needed when dealing with lesser people like the family farmer. for me this is personal i didn’t serve my country so the constitution could be stomped on or the graves of those who died for it be spit on. So I am asking you fellow americans and veterans should I continue this fight and have it investigated or is it time I throw in the towel. Helmuth Krause 5632 CO. H.X. P. Highland WI. 53543.

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Grant County Circuit Connecticut Rprtr, Grant County District Attorney, Taxi Grant County, County Grant County, Grant County Cir Ct Rprtr 1, Grant County Clerk Of Court, Grant County Circuit CT Rprtr, Grant County Lancaster Social Services

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