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Sarah Labadie
@ sarah_labadie
Impact of disability home services cuts: IL would have to pay more to keep me institutionalized than to keep me in the community. #

Will Butler
@ willkbutler
Uber hasn’t worked for blind people since January — my new story for @
BuzzFeedNews:… #

paul laity
@ paullaity
From aquabob to zawn. The word-hoard: Robert Macfarlanes wonderful piece on rewilding our language of landscape

Jesus Chuy Garcia
@ garcia4chicago
This win proves that a movement of people like you can beat a political machine backed by billion-dollar corporations. On to April 7th.

Cheryl Strayed
@ CherylStrayed
I love this piece by @
aoscott on David Carr, a Journalist at the Center of the Sweet Spot

Laura Helmuth
@ laurahelmuth
How David Carr got into journalism–his first big scoop, from 1982. By @
leoncrawl… via @

jelani cobb
@ jelani9
David Carr was allergic to euphemism, a believer that journalism was the art of curating minitiae:…

@ thinkprogress
Twitter erupts after grand jury decision not to indict cop who killed Eric Garner on camera #

@ AccessLiving
Chicago, IL… . . the Senate chose to let politics, lies and misinformation rule the day. @

Low Pay Is Not OK
@ LowPayIsNotOK
JohnCrawfords killing in Ohio by a police officer has created a merger of police accountability activists and #
WalmartStrikers. Power.

Zerlina Maxwell
@ ZerlinaMaxwell
The terrifying racial stereotypes laced through Darren Wilsons testimony… via @

Dee Lockett
@ Dee_Lockett
Powerful words from @
craftingmystyle on why it matters that Michael Browns parents arent pretending to be calm:…

jelani cobb
@ jelani9
Gov Nixons claim that free speech would be protected wld be more credible of they hadnt made a no fly zone to keep media out in August.

The Onion
@ TheOnion
Band Dreams Of One Day Becoming Popular Enough To Alienate Early Fans

Sarah Lyall
@ sarahlyall
Perplexing computer error message of the day: Exception caused by two inner exceptions.

Kevin Cosgrove
@ KevinCosgrove88
An Endless Sky of Honey by @
KateBushMusic is just the most wonderful thing.

The Onion
@ TheOnion
Psychology Comes To Halt As Weary Researchers Say The Mind Cannot Possibly Study Itself

Kevin Cosgrove
@ KevinCosgrove88
Be sure to call your senators and tell them to support the UN #
CRPD aka the #

Kevin Cosgrove
@ KevinCosgrove88
My coverage of an event featuring a co-author of the UN #
CRPD in honor of todays call for action:…

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