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(715) 879-4104


110 Independence Dr,
Elk Mound, WI 54739

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Sunday of worship. You missed it. .

Pasando mi ultimo Domingo del año en la iglesia con Las nenas

So awesome, got to be with my kids today. Go to church and hang out with friends!!

Great, great, there is no one like our God.

Love the preaching today. God keep talking to us. Exodus 15: 22-27.

Listening to the word of God

Always doing things for our community. Our paster Roy Clickner always preaches what’s in the BIBLE .

Pastor is an awesome person. Says it like it is, and what needs to be said. I always get something I’m able to take with me that helps me and gives me the strength to help others.

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Services are Every Sun. AM and again at 6PM. And every Wed at 7PM.
110 Independence Dr Elk Mound, WI 54739.
(715) 879-4104

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Tim Peters
@ timpeters11
Wisconsin, USA
Love getting gifts from children. #
blessed @ Cornerstone Apostolic Church http://instagram.com/p/nTL8VJrjpn/

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