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1819 Main St,
Green Bay, WI 54302

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Copps Food Center is owned and operated by Roundy s Supermarkets, which is one of the oldest and largest grocers in the Midwest. Its various departments include alcohol, bakery, dairy, deli, floral, frozen, merchandise, grocery, health and beauty, meats, natural and organic produce, and seafood. The food center s alcohol department offers Miller Lite, Point Beer, and Milwaukee s Best Lite beer, Twin Fin, Cavit, Ravenswood and Blackstone wines, Stolichnaya vodka, Canadian club whisky, and Bacardi rum. Its bakery department offers lemon meringue pie, Vienna and garlic bread, hamburger, hotdog, brat buns, varieties of fresh baked muffins, and croissants. Copps Food Center offers support to the community by providing gift cards to a community raffle, sponsoring an information table for the American Cancer Society and American Heart Association, and sponsoring individual walkers, runners and others in fund-raising projects. The store is located in Green Bay, Wis.
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Mon – Sun. 6:00 Am – 12:00 Am

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I’m from out of town, so had no experience with the store. It seemed to be clean, bright, and nicely arranged.
I came in to buy 4 items, all on sale. The beef quality wasn’t very good, so I didn’t buy that. I asked a young employee — Andrew, working in produce — where they were. He didn’t know, and went looking all through produce for them, same as me. He couldn’t find them either, and went to ask an older man. The older man pointed, and Andrew and I went where he pointed.
Where are the advertised ones? Andrew shrugged and went back to stacking potatoes.
Good deals.
I like shopping here :). I went there today for shopping and had a awful experience with the Clerk.
When I complained to the clear, he was extremely rude when i stated it is waste of my time to go through the customer service and wait in line to get the money back, his answer was it is not his mistake register ring the way it did, went to customer service and returned the coke. I decided today not to ever go back to Copps again, they WILL NOT get my business ever again in my life time. By the way Clerk name is Eric R as printed on the receipt.
1819 Main St Green Bay, WI 54302.
(920) 468-0447

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Copps Food Center, Copps Pharmacy, Copps Food Ctr

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