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Coon’s Deep Lake Campground, llc, Oxford, WI. 174 likes | 60 talking about this | 357 were here. Just alittle note from the Northwoods. .

BAKER and mom making his famous Paddleboarding dog debut.

Early morning snooze for the beach and Deep Lake with the Temperatures today this will not remain dormant for long.

Check out our Website. .2002 Forest River 5th Wheel Camper and Deck set up and ready to move in Price Reduced. Tell your friends.

July already?!! Deep Lake Boat Parade today 12:30 at the East end of the lake for line-up Parade @ 1 pm. Fireworks at Oxford Village Park at Dusk Tonight.

Happy Safe Travels and Remember what Memorial Day is Truly about. Thank you to all Veterans! Memorial Day was first recognized in May of 1868.

Remember your mom especially today, if you are fortunate enough to still be able to call or visit please do so. Enjoy your day to those of us who are a mom!

Happy Spring a Beautiful Day with sunshine and No wind!

The WATER IS ON! Please bring some sunshine!

I refuse to put a picture of snow on this page. .Bring on the sunshine and warm weather. . less than a month for official camping season to begin!! Go Badgers!!

Camping Season is just around the corner! We heard the geese this morning. The snow is still here but, soon to leave we hope!

Please exercise your right to Vote today.

This little frog has been hopping around the office all summer.

July is here and we are thankful to have had all the bad storms go South of Adams County! Upcoming Festivities will be the Deep Lake boat parade at 1p.m. on July 4th. Oxford will have there annual events for more info. Fireworks Saturday July 5th at 10pm.

It sure is nice to have Geese in the spring and summer? Well keep that in mind when you venture to the lake. .a family of Geese have taken up camping at the lake and they are leaving their calling cards all over the place. Watch your step. .we pick it up and they seem to come back and drop off more. We at least don’t have mosquito’s as thick as in the low lying areas. Being on a hill, and having a Deep lake without swampy areas has some advantages!

Safe Travels to everyone this Memorial Day Week-end! Let us all take a moment during our Holiday to honor our hero’s that gave their life and future so the rest of us could live free.

It Really is a Loon on Deep Lake.

The water is all on again. .The sun is shining!!!!!!!

The snow is still here. .It is cloudy and the weather people say 52 degrees today??? The Restroom water is on. We have the water to all sites off currently and anticipate turning it back on again on Thursday or Friday depending on nighttime temperatures predictions. Think Spring!!

Winter strikes back! Wet heavy snow and the poor maple tree couldn’t take it anymore. . .the up side is it didn’t come down on a trailer just the bird feeder.

Deep Lake is officially ice free! It is great to see not all of our camping friends are fair weather campers. .Surprise the weathermen were wrong again. .the rain did not come late Sat. P.M. The good news is the flash flood warning will not affect us from Castle Rock Dam, Adams County, and we will get a break from leaf pickup as it is now too wet to deal with them.

Here is my new kitten, Dexter! smile emoticon.

Also Known As

Coon’s Mobile Home Park Llc, Coon’s Mobile Home Court Llc, Coon’s Mobile Home Court

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