Concentra Medical Center


(414) 931-7600


180 N Milwaukee St,
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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These Damn. Needles. Oh TB Tests. .

Got a call from them so I’m here and I got be at coach at 10

Why I’m here and the check me I can’t leave the doctors saying my blood pressure up so high I’m having a hearttack I’m to young

Here’s what’s happening at Oak Creek Assembly of God.A Patriotic Musical. Celebrate Freedom. I would like to invite you to come out and help us Honor all those whom had Served and are still Serving to Protect our Country. They have Fought and continue to Fight, we have Lost so many Soldiers in Battles now it’s time to come together and Honor them. See the invite below for more info. Thank you for Commitment & Protection. Much Love & Blessings.

God has really showed up in life, awesome family now a new career. This might be TMI but I can’t help it! I never been more happy to pee! LMBO I said it I got my physical today & I’m ready Thank you Lord for all my Blessings! (The people I tagged you know my testimony:)

Dam q hueva estar esperando ya tengo como 45 min. .

Am ready to go shit been here since 2:50

These folks better release me today Lord knows I need to go back to work already I need my money and I need it now. .praying no more locked doors geesh is it my time yet ijs

Getting checked out for this month long cold!!!!

Couldn’t believe I had to wait over 40 minutes to see the doctor and that was with an appointment.

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concentra urgent care downtown milwaukee image image image

We also provide occupational medicine, physical therapy, and health and wellness services.
We provide after-hours urgent care for minor medical emergencies, such as the flu, on a walk-in basis.
Concentra Urgent Care – Downtown Milwaukee. We called ahead and they told us 20 minute wait time, then we got there and they said I should be in and out in an hour to an hour and a half. After waiting for 80 minutes, I was finally put in a room where I am still waiting after another 45 minutes.
I’m going to be late to something and really wished I had gone elsewhere. Not fair, but POOR. Front desk staff is rude, and they told me that a 99 temperature was normal?!
I feel really bad and the doc says he couldn’t find anything? What kind of professional is that? I’ll drive 30 minutes to see my regular phyiscian and wait only 5 minutes to get better service than any Concentra could ever provide. Came in for a routine physical, and didn’t get seen until 90 minutes after my scheduled appointment time. I went here for a pre-employment physical, and was seen by Dr.
Drury and several nurses.
They handled it very well, with expediency and professionalism. I went here because I was unable to get in with my regular physician. I was treated poorly and the doctor did absolutely NOTHING for me except send me on my way home with a big dent in my wallet. I’d say skip this place and go somewhere else if you want some actual CARE.

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Dusty Mouthfeel
@ Radworld4
Madison, WI
Do they test for Jameson? (@ Concentra Medical Center)

John Reyes
@ JBfromMKE
New Berlin, WI View translation
DrugTest (@ Concentra Medical Center)

@ Menthol48
New Berlin, WI
Lets make it awkward (@ Concentra Medical Center)

@ michelledixon2u
Brown Deer, WI
Getting my drug test done for my new job! (@ Concentra Medical Center)

@ redpattieky2
New Berlin, WI
Im at Concentra Medical Center (New Berlin, WI)

@ Babywoodson
Brown Deer, WI
At my physical therapy appointment. (@ Concentra Medical Center)

Tony Atkins
@ ByTonyAtkins
Concentra Medical Centers
Perfect drug test weather.  (@ Concentra Medical Center)

Jake Burns
@ Brewmasterburns
River Hills, WI
Follow up after my accident. (@ Concentra Medical Center)

@ phredly
Concentra Medical Centers View translation
Whiz quiz (@ Concentra Medical Center)

@ SlawDaddy
Concentra Medical Ctr
DOT Physical (@ Concentra Medical Center)

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