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(604) 742-9100

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2925 Columbia Dr,
Portage, WI 53901

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The Wisconsin Department of Corrections Columbia Correctional Institution detains adult male felons committed by state courts. The institution is an adult male maximum-security prison that occupies more than 110 acres of land. It features several living complexes with a 145-plus-bed unit and over 50 cells each. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections Columbia Correctional Institution also maintains a canteen, laundry, kitchen, library, recreation field, gymnasium, chapel, health service area and meeting rooms. In addition, the institution organizes several types of vocational education workshops. It responds to public and governmental requests for information purposes. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections is governed by the state government of Wisconsin.

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Beep beep Jimmy Jim Callen! May not be through til the snow flies. !

One of my favorite vacation locations!

We made it safely thank God hbd Bobby Johnson I love you alwayz

Good basketball pick up game spot

Me and my kids had a good visit!! All the guards were very friendly and helpful!!!

I know people say the gaurds are nice and friendly but i lived there for 30 months with killers and baby rapers and the gaurds are right up there with them. That place doesnt deserve . It is a horrible place for a person. Fuck Columbia.

going to be my first time in jail on the good side. super psyched and scared thannk u to all who have wished me well i love u all

No wonder our room was so cheap! It’s near the prison.

Taz phoon dooka nana and mrs. Shonda visiting tha uptown clown!.

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Milwaukee CP
@ MilwaukeeCP
Milwaukee, WI
CHARGED: 42-year-old Columbia Correctional Institution inmate accused of killing his cellmate: Criminal charges…

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Columbia Correctional Instn

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