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(715) 674-2026


5252 Beech St,
Laona, WI 54541

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Look who we ran in to

A HUGE THANK YOU to CHRIS BANDT for jump star, ting my car in this fridged cold air! MUCH APRECIATED

Trying to enjoy breakfast but I think it’s warmer outside than in this damn restaurant. Holy Shiver me timbers!

So how come tiny Laona, WI has 4G cell service while Iron Mountain doesn’t even have 3G? AT&T needs to be boycotted.

Look at what I can do 2

With my cousin and Grandpa in Laona, WI

Great food, good service, reasonable prices. Highly recommended.

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John Kuhar
@ johnjkuhar
Wisconsin, USA
Dinner date with my beautiful wife Mary in Laona, WI. (@ Clubhouse Cafe) https://www.swarmapp.com/johnjkuhar/checkin/53efdb0111d23c9010e7c800?s=scbS0QCD3oKtR9fPD73zaQve_Fw&ref=tw… pic.twitter.com/V2AoVdurhQ

Kyle McCleary
@ TwinsChefMac
Minneapolis, MN
Breaking clubhouse cafe news: Ben Revere is what he eats, literally. http://bit.ly/Xi9q9L

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