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Synergy Judo and Self Defense Systems. 117 likes | 12 were here. Self defense training (judo/jujitsu), handgun safety and carry conceal training, home. .

Scissor sweep from the guard! It’s always fun watching the faces of new students as they move an unwilling participant for the first time! Self confidence is so crucial for childhood development! Thanks for choosing Judo!!

Great class today prepping for a few orange belt tests, and a couple yellow belt tests! Great work guys!

Judo has been referred to as an ” unarmed combat sport” by Wisconsin lawmakers, putting it in the same category as mixed martial arts. This is in order to regulate all competitions. The misconception that Judo should be classified as such, and in the same category as MMA is absurd.

Class tomorrow am at 9:30. Come try a class and see how fun falling can be!!!

This week, we continue our work with Atemi waza, or striking. Kids are doing great learning various strikes that are part of Kodokan Judo.

Logan warming the kids up! Great class guys!

Great class this am. . Kids ukemi has really improved!!!!

Congratulations to our new yellow belt, Gus! Amazing job with a difficult combination throw. .smile emoticon

O Uchi Gari today!!! Well set it up with kouchi Gari today! Judo from 9:30-10:30!

Kids did great working the “turtle”. Four different turnovers for the opponent that turtles up. Ended class with jikoku jime. .see you on the mat!

Kids and adult classes ongoing. Join at any time! $60.00 per month for first family member, $50 for second, $40 for third, etc. When you pay for 3 family members, the 4th is free to train!

This week. Continue with O Soto Gari. Kids are doing great! Working very hard! Ukemi ( break falls) has come a long way guys. .see you on the mat tomorrow! Just a reminder that classes are Tuesdays and Saturdays until the first week of January when we go back to Thursdays!

Great kids class tonight with 2 new students that did GREAT! Welcome to our dojo!

Class tonight from 6:30-7:30. . see you on the mat. .

Boyd Davis and Peek a Boo boxing gym have joined us at the dojo. Judo classes are the same nights but have shifted to the front room. . if you have questions about classes send a message. . see you in class next week.

Sensei Josh Cleveland is a charismatic and thorough instructor who does a incredible job teaching proper technique, posi. tive mental attitude, and the history of Judo. Classes are friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend it for children and adults, alike.

Cleveland Family Chiropractic Center and The Synergy Center, River Falls, WI. 427 likes | 31 talking about this | 42 were here. A wellness centered. .

Measles deaths were declining drastically before introduction of vaccine. .

As I approach 18 years in practice, I’ve heard a lot of people express the way they WISH they would have lived. I have NEVER heard someone say they wish they worked more or made more money. Live the life of your dreams TODAY!

Make it happen or make excuses. . Your choice! You come from an energy source of unlimited potential. Don’t let anyone tell you , ” you can’t!”

It’s how our bodies respond to stress that affords sickness and disease. Chiropractic helps the body adapt to stress better, reducing damage to cells, tissue and organs. Have you been checked lately? We’re open 8-6 today and 8-12 tomorrow.

If there was never a vaccine for typhoid or scarlet fever, what happened to these very deadly diseases?

How long have we known that routine fetal ultrasound doesnt change outcomes, but does increase healthcare spending in the US by close to 2 BILLION dollars alone? a 1993 New England Journal of Medicine study (over 15,000 participants in study) found just that: “The adoption of routine ultrasound screening in the US would add considerably to the cost of care in pregnancy, with no improvement in perinatal outome” and “unnecessary anxiety entailed in the exam and the risks of overtreatment due to false positve diagnoses”. Please do your due diligence before routine ultrasounds!

Judo this morning. . 9:30! Nothing says “good morning” like a rear naked choke or falling from a height of 6 feet! See you soon!!

K: you’re healing me, man! I feel great! Me: no one heals but you, my man! I get to remove an interference to you healing by yourself and watch the magic! K: that’s what I said. . You’ve got me healing, man!!

Negative event or teaching moment? Half hour late getting back from lunch but Zachary got to help with his first tire change!

Favorite patient quote, after first adjustment: L: ” I want to apologize” Me: ” for what?” L: ” For bad mouthing chiropractic for all these years. I feel great!” Me: “if you feel this good already, imagine how your health can change with regular care of your spine and nerve system!”

Daily challenge: find a medical text anywhere that defines health as “the absence of symptoms”.

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you for your service!

If you are looking for knowledgeable Chiropractic Care that is very family oriented Cleveland Chiropractic is exactly what you are looking for!!

Absolutely recommend Cleveland Family Chiropractic to anyone who needs some healing. I star, ted seeing Dr. Josh near the. end of my second pregnancy, and I truly believe that it helped to have a great pregnancy. I’ve been seeing him again in my third, and at 38.5 weeks, I can still say I feel great and sleep (mostly!) all night! Chiropractic has absolutely improved my life!.

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synergy judo and self defense systems image image image

Studying the Japanese Arts of Judo and Jujitsu for self esteem/character improvement, fitness, self defense and competition. Synergy Judo and Self Defense Systems.

112 E Walnut St River Falls, WI 54022.
(715) 425-0333

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Joshua Cleveland DC, Cleveland, Gina, Dc – Cleveland Family Chiropractic, Cleveland, Gina, Cleveland Gina DC

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