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Jonathan Dervetski Massage Therapist, Eau Claire, WI. 51 likes. Dedicated to myself as a Massage Therapist. This page will detail where and how to. .

For those that still get these posts. Chippewa Valley Therapeutic Massage is part of the Half Off deals today. $25 For 45 min massage! Great price! Great massage. Good looking and talented therapists. Especially the balding Polish one. You can’t go wrong! Tell all your friends.

Quick reminder: Massage-a-thon is today and tomorrow 9 AM- 9 PM at Chippewa Valley Therapeutic Massage. $50 for a 45 minute Therapeutic massage. 100% of that $50 will be donated to the Bolton Refuge House. I have openings tonight at 5, 6, and 7 and tomorrow at 9 and Noon. Go to to schedule your appointment.

Thursday, June 26 and Friday June 27 the crew at Chippewa Valley Therapeutic Massage are doing our first Massage-a-thon. For 24 hours, 12 each day 9-9, we are offering a 45 minute Therapeutic Massage for $50. But those are the normal rates you say!?! True! BUT, we are donating all proceeds in that time frame to the Bolton Refuge in Eau Claire. The Bolton Refuge house is a safe place for abused and battered women and children. You get a massage tailored to your specific . needs and we donate what you would pay us, to them. What exactly do we get out of it? We get people in the door to try us out and get the chance to help a cause that we believe in. Check us out at you can link directly to our online scheduler. Please help us, help them. We would like to be busy the entire time, so if you’ve thought about a massage recently, you’ve got a little tightness or some chronic pain. Let us have a go and show how beneficial therapeutic massage can be while helping out a great cause.

School is out!!! Now is the time to schedule those biweekly massages in an attempt to stave off the stress and desire to wring necks upon hearing ‘I’m Bored’! All kidding aside, come summer we often finally have the time to get out and get busy. Fishing, camping, sports or getting back into fitness can leave you feeling tight, achy or simply hurting and massage can help in those areas. Give me a call or set up an appointment online at Chippewa Valley Therapeutic Massage to get your massage. By loosening sore, overstretched or shortened, tight muscles we are often able to reduce pain and through the occasional massage reduce that reoccurring pain. Give it a try and for a limited time you can get a 60 minute massage from me for $50. Call or schedule online at Chippewa Valley Therapeutic Massage.

Last night/early morning I did chair massage for the 2013 Senior class of Altoona High School. Really enjoyed it, stayed busy and was glad to offer something different for their lock-in. Thanks to everyone and hope to have the opportunity to do something like it again. My first event so, it was a learning experience as well. Always growing, always learning, always working the plan.

After Graduation, passing the National Exam and receiving my State certification I am now as official as it gets. Unfortunately I have not as yet found a home. There are things in the works, however, and there is a prospect that looks pretty good. I also have a few ideas I hope to implement in the coming months. As soon as things become more permanent I will most assuredly let everyone know.

Family, Friends and random internet folk! I will gladly accept any prayers, thoughts, well-wishes, positive vibes and/or energy you would like to send my way in the next few hours. Within the next hour I begin my National Certification Test to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. With some luck and a working memory by the end of the week I’ll be officially a LMT!

Wednesday and Saturday are the last chances to get a $35 massage from me before I graduate next week and y’all gotta pay full price. Call me at or call DaVinci Therapeutic Massage at . Time is officially OUT! CALL NOW! Well wait until tomorrow, then call.

I will be at DaVinci Therapeutic Massage this Saturday from 9 to 1, give or take depending on appointments. Time is running out on your chance to get a $35 massage. I’ll have one more Saturday after this then this deal is GONE! Call and schedule soon 715-379-1922 or 715-828-1008. After this Saturday I’ll only have three dates left. Wednesdays the 6th and 13th and Saturday the 16th. Times are from 1 to 5 Wednesday and 9 to 1 on Saturdays. If you’ve been thinking about it, it’s time to act!

Joined AMTA tonight. Should have my insurance shortly. Graduation is a month away. Schedule your massage soon. remember $35 for a one hour Therapeutic Massage. That’s a pretty nice savings and you help me improve. You can’t go wrong, and you will feel better. I PROMISE!

If you want the special $35/hour pricing you need to contact me soon. My externship will be done soon and so will this price. Openings are available Wednesday 1-5 and Saturdays 10-3. Contact me at 715-828-1008 to schedule a therapeutic Massage.

SO! After my harping and crying and all of you trying to rearrange your schedules before you called for your massages. I change my hours. Here goes. Starting next week, Wednesday 1-5, every other Saturday 10-3. Sorry for the change, BUT it does open up Saturday’s and early afternoons. Time’s running out on the $35/hr massage though. HURRY!

On the other hand for those of you who remembered and got her that perfect something, that stress you’ve been carrying trying to find that perfect something. .I can help with that as well! Call me! (715)828-1008. Same times and rates. Massage does wonders for back pain due to, oh I don’t know, shoveling snow or slipping on the ice. You deserve it too!

It’s okay, Guys. I’ve done it too! Waited until the last minute then said, “wait tomorrow is Valentine’s day?!?” Don’t worry, I got your back. Schedule a massage with me at DaVinci Therapeutic Massage for a Tuesday evening (4-8), a Wednesday afternoon (12-3, but only for another week) OR a Saturday (10-3). Only $35 for a one hour massage and she will be relaxed, rejuvenated and eternally grateful. Well at least until you forget. . Don’t wait the $35 deal is only good for a few more weeks! Act now!

I know that my availability during the week is limited, so I am answering your unheard plea! “If only Jon was available on Saturdays? We’d love to fill his schedule with massages.” Well, wis-h granted. If Saturday’s work better for you contact me @ (715)828-1008 or call DaVinci Therapeutic Massage @ (715)379-1922

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed yet but it is February. Which means. Valentine’s day is around the corner. Schedule your $35 massage before that price is gone! Massage is a great gift for that special someone feeling the stress of taxes, failed resolutions or just tired of the cold. Aches and pains of shoveling? Slip on the ice? These can lead to chronic pain, BUT massage can loosen muscles that cause even more pain. Find out more about the benefits of Therapeutic massage contact me at (715)828-1008 or DaVinci Therapeutic Massage at (715)379-1922 to schedule a massage with me. $35 for a one hour massage cash only please.

Just letting the Chippewa Valley know that I’m coming and will be externing at DaVinci Therapeutic Massage. Call or text me for available times. (715)828-1008

Just letting the Chippewa Valley know that I’m coming and will be externing at DaVinci Therapeutic Massage. Call or text me for available times. (715)828-1008.

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At Chippewa Valley Therapeutic Massage, we are dedicated to providing results oriented therapeutic massage. We offer deep tissue trigger point therapy, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy,. Chippewa Valley Therapeutic Massage. Do you have any nagging injuries? Ever thought about exploring massage? Give us a call for a consultation or to schedule a therapeutic massage. Home » Masssage Eau Claire, WI. Results based therapeutic massage in Eau Claire, WI. Thank you so much for the feedback!
Nate is an amazing therapist and a great guy!
We truly value you and Jerry’s support!
We offer deep tissue trigger point therapy, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, prenatal, swedish, and sports massage. We are located in Eau Claire. Call to book an appointment today, or purchase a gift for someone special. You can also schedule a massage on our website. All I can say is, “he does an awesome job. Nate is the only one who is able to bring me relief from the pain of my Fibromtalgia. Without Nate I would be in an unrelenting world of constant pain. Thank you Nate for all you do for me. God bless you and keep you in His care.
1030 Oak Ridge Dr Eau Claire, WI 54701.
(715) 456-6755

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