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3705 N 124th St,
Brookfield, WI 53005

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Mon – Sun. 11:00 Am – 10:00 Pm

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This potentially the worst chipotle ever. Tiny portions and horribly staffed. If you hate your job, quit or leave the . negative attitude at home! This coming from who eats a lot of chipotle, I will drive out of my way to chipotle on Mayfair even though this one is less than a mile away.

Seriously, be on the side of killing religion. I’m against same sex marriage Yes, I love Tacos. I also love salsa but the image of Tacos and salsa just made throw up a lot!.

just smashed 3 of my favorite tacos & 25% of her bowl. And of course a Margarita.

Had to pay my phn bill and it was just calling my name. No tacos this time tho. Got a bowl with shredded beef with almost everything in it. Lol.

Corona w/a lemon. Trying to get those 9lbs back I lost a week ago. Lol. .

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This is by far the fastest. I have ever been to. Gotta love the staff, food is always. My co-workers and I love this place!
We order from here weekly, if not more frequently. Everything is wonderful and fast. This is by far the fastest Chipotle I have ever been to. Gotta love the staff, food is always excellent. My personal favorite Chipotle restaurant in the area. The food is much fresher than other locations and the people that work here are excellent. Fantastic food and service. Been here a couple of times and usually get bad customer service. One of the guys also keeps referring to me as bud after every question?!
I don’t request a lot of stuff in my burrito but after opening it to eat, it is usually in bad shape and falls apart so I have to finish my meal with a fork.
This is our favorite fast food restaurant by far.
It even disturbs me a little to call it ‘fast food’ because, although they’re fast, the food is always top notch. There’s no compromise in quality just because they’re quick about serving you. The menu confused us at first but the fajita bol is our favorite. With fountain drink only 8 bucks.
The staff is great just tell them what you want and you be satisfied!
Great food, friendly service. My second choice for Chipotle restaurants in the Milwaukee area. One of the guys also keeps referring to me as “bud” after every question?!

3705 N 124th St #200 Brookfield, WI 53005.

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Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.

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