China Wok Buffet


(608) 826-0333


6913 University Ave,
Middleton, WI 53562

Park Wood Plz

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Open Hours

Mon – Sun. 11:00 Am – 10:00 Pm

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China Wok is a medium size restaurant. Clean for the most part. The staff (1 lady) not real friendly. But she was doing everything in the front. The buffet had about 30 idems.
The salad selection was not to be found ( l had lettuce and some sliced winter tomatoes) that’s it. I also ate chicken and broccoli, mushrooms, lo mein and I think green beans.
The green beans were so over cooked that it look like they were small sticks and soy sauce. I discarded the green beans.
I had a bowl of egg drop soup that was okay. If you’re close by go ahead and stop in but it’s not for you to go out of your way for.
On my traveling trainer scale from 1 to 10, I give this restaurant a 5 at best. The health rating was a pass as posted today. Sometimes certain dishes, like the salmon, are hit and miss, but usually pretty good.
They have sushi now too!
I love buffets, I have been to China Wok numerous times over the course of my life. Every time the food has be to my liking.
I won’t say excellent — not because it isn’t — I am just not that objective, I either like food or don’t. I have been there a few times this week and am headed there for lunch today. Great place to eat :). China Wok isn’t horrible but it’s the greasiest of the Chinese I’ve tried in Middleton. And a couple of items I’ve had were basically a salt lick.
The portions are huge and in the same vein as party pizza, this place serves a purpose. I’ve b(…)

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Kevin Jones
@ kevinrj
Middleton, WI
Im at China Wok Buffet in madison, WI

Cameron Klade
@ kladern8r
Waunakee, WI
Wake up, watch Netflix, eat China Wok buffet, back to sleep. #

Jenna Rebolledo
@ JennaAlyssa92
Middleton, WI
Thank god I have a #
guardian #
angel somewhere. Im #
important and #
blessed @ China Wok Buffet

Zachary E Blumenfeld
@ ZachBlum
China Wok
I just ousted Bill S. as the mayor of China Wok Buffet on @

Joshua S.
@ dawm
China Wok
Im at China Wok Buffet (6913 university ave, madison)

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