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Child & Family Centers of Excellence provides early childhood services to the communities of southeastern Wisconsin. The center offers a wide range of health care services to children up to 9 years of age and offers full- and part-day programs. It houses a family resource center and organizes a wide range of family activities for children and their parents. It operates Head Start, an early childhood development program and various summer programs for children 5 through 11 years of age. It offers transportation services, and breakfast, lunch and snacks that are Department of Agriculture-approved. Child & Family Centers of Excellence was established in 1966 and is a part of children s programs operated by The Excellence Center.

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So we had orientation for Arthur to star, t Head Start in about a month or so and as me and Travis went in the room for orientation. Arthur went into a separate room to play with other kids and to meet with some teachers. and we get home and we get home and all he is talking about is how he played with his new friends and he loves his new friends and he’s gna play with them at school TOMORROW. . then he got sad when grandma and I told him not tomorrow but in a few weeks. he didn’t like hearing that. He wants to go to school tomorrow!!! Lol my baby is growing up way too fast!!!!! Hymiö frown

Arthur’s school orientation!!! My baby isn’t a baby anymore!!! Hymiö frown

Open enrollment for Head Start today Stop in for a free present and check out free preschool

About to star, t my second McPherson course of the summer.

Perfect place for a Baby Shower!! I was very pleased with the venue!.

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creativity clubs inc image image image

We want to help you shape the ideal future for your children. Creativity Clubs is designed for children ages 5 to 10 years old.
It is designed for YOU if you want to learn to be the best possible Learning Guide™ for your children. It is a unique family-based resource, since we know that when you work with your child, you both learn—and your children learn more deeply the skills and values they will need for success as people and as professionals.
We will be open for your child as an afterschool program during the school year, with evenings and Saturdays available for you and your child to learn and explore possibilities together.
You will be able to enroll your entire family at economical family membership rates.
We know that the skills needed to thrive in the future that WILL be your child’s reality will require high degrees of creativity, innovation and learner-driven learning.
To succeed in this challenging and opportunity-rich future, the skills of the entrepreneur, the innovator and the leader are learnable. Whatever career path your children might pursue, these skills will best prepare them to thrive in futures that none of us can fully know. And come back for more details on how you can become part of this important and fun movement!

4W22000 Bluemound Road, Waukesha, WI 53186.
(262) 548-8080

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