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Payday Loans From The Convenience Of Your Own Home


* Cash Advances * Payday Loans * Installment Loans * Title Loans * Installment Title Loans * Gold Buying * Money Transfers * Mortgages * Insurance * Tax Services * Services Vary From State To State

Too Many Days till Payday?

Get a Fast Cash Payday Loan When You Need it

Check City realizes that payday may not always come on the day that you need it to. With a fast, convenient payday loan on your next paycheck you won’t have to worry. A payday loan is surprisingly easy to qualify for and affordable.* When used effectively, a payday loan is a superior alternative to late, over draft, over the limit, and reconnection fees as well as the long term affects that such fees can have over time due to changes in your credit score. A payday loan also gives you access to money you need to take advantage of great sales or limited time offers that you would otherwise miss out on if you waited till payday.

Getting a Payday Loan is easy; you can Apply Online or visit a Check City Location near you. Either way, the process only takes a few minutes.

It’s so easy!

Here’s how a Payday Loan works Online:
* Visit and fill out the application online
* We will review your application
* Within 24 Hours your funds will be Direct Deposited into your account

Here’s how a Payday Loan works in Stores:
* Walk in to a convenient Check City Location
* You write a personal check for the amount you need (plus our standard fee)
* Walk away with CASH!
* To qualify for a Payday Loan you must
* Have a steady source of income
* A State or Federal ID
* A Checking Account
* Apply Online or come by a Check City Location today and get the cash you need now


Amex, Check, Discover, Master Card, Visa

Open Hours

Mon – Sat. 8:00 Am – 9:00 Pm
Sun. Closed

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