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2101 N Mountain Rd,
Wausau, WI 54401

Howard Johnsons

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Charlie’s Sports Lounge. 1 like. Charlie’s Sports Lounge is a great place to relax and unwind.

Features: drink specials, large projection screen TV,. .

I attended a wedding here and I hope that nobody ever reserves this place. Bartender missing half the night, reception h. all not ready when guests were arriving. The poor bride had to throw all of her left over cupcakes away because they did not put them in the coolers. Congratulations to the bride and groom that day and to the wedding party who did most of the work!!!

Closing Charlie’s at 1am on a Saturday when there is a bunch of peeps in the bar? 5 years coming up here. .probably the last.

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Howard Johnson Hotel is committed to bringing you quality service and making you feel at home during your stay in Wausau, offering a complimentary breakfast and in-room internet. Howard Johnson Inn and Conference Center.
The service the first day was good but after spending half an hour in the pool we noticed that all our silver jewelry was severely tarnished including our sterling silver stuff, We think it was that there was way too much chlorine in the pool. Half the jets worked in the hot tub, if there was an elevater I have no idea where it was, the second day we asked the person at the service desk what there was fun to do in Wausau since we had never been there. He couldn’t suggest anything over all we had a good trip its a beautiful city but I wouldn’t stay here again. This is my second stay, first time of holding a company Christmas party. The first time the hot tub was broken and the pool needed some repairs like paint chipping in the bottom of the pool. The lobby was very nice, our room was spacious but beds were to close together for how much opened space there is in the room. I loved the sliding glass door out to the parking lot so moving luggage from vehicle to room and back was painless.
The court yard in the center,granted it is winter time, still looked unmaintaned.
In short the courtyard looks ghetto!
Overall I give it two stars because of the price and lack of update comforts like flat panels(…)

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Charlies Sports Lounge
Im at Charlies Sports Lounge (Wausau, WI)

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