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Milwaukee, WI 53225

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Pizza Hut, Milwaukee, WI. 9 likes | 2 talking about this | 104 were here. Experience the Flavor Of Now from your neighborhood Pizza Hut in Milwaukee.
RIDICULOUS! We ordered at six thirty. Estimated delivery time was 7:45. We called at eight, nobody answered. After n. early twenty minutes of calling and getting disconnected, we got transferred to a regional service center who played stupid and continued to try to connect us to the non-answering local number. We finally spoke to someone there nearly an hour after the scheduled delivery time, who assured us the food was on it’s way. Come nine o’clock, still no food. We finally had to drive there, where the attendant told us our food had been sitting there “for a minute”, and looked at me like I was crazy for suggesting I should not have to pay for cold food. This is the worst customer service experience I have EVER had. If they are short-handed, then CALL someone and tell them. Not answering the phone, not delivering the food, and being ignorant when we finally get there to rectify the situation is horrible business practice. This place should be closed, or at least fire the person in charge for this debacle they call a Friday night. I can only imagine how angry the couple in front of us was – who had said they had placed their order at Five.

Did an online order for pick up over 12 hours ago. The chick making the pizza claimed she’s just now seeing my order. . Sigh now we have to wait longer. The manager wasn’t all that inviting. She did apologize first me having to wait. Just placed my pizza on the counter and did there you go. .

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Ordered several pizzas from this location and 70% of the time they don’t have a delivery driver.
The last time I ever ordered they told me an hour till delivery I patiently waited 2:30 hours.
Called and was told my order was cancelled and the gentalman then preceded to hang up on me. WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE IVE EVER HAD. This location used to be horrible. Super pleasant food was fast (done ahead of the time told to me on the phone ) and absolutely perfect. DO NOT ORDER PIZZA FROM THIS LOCATION!
That long for ONE Medium pizza? I figured maybe they are overestimating the time just in case.well i should have known better since the two times before that the pizza was over an hour and a half late!
This time i called at 8 and stated that my pizza was supposed to be their at 7 and wondered where it was, the rude girl who answered the phone stated that it was just about to leave and be delivered, i asked why it wasnt already on its way since it was supposed to be delivered an hour ago, she said hold on and put the phone down (DID NOT PUT ME ON HOLD SO I HEARD EVERYTHING SHE SAID) and they were talking about me!
Im sorry but i have a right to be upset when i already had to wait 3 hours for my pizza and its now at 4 hours for one stupid medium pizza!
So she said i am the next delivery and he was just leaving.
Ok i thought any minute now.well an HOUR later i called back and i was very upset at this time as it i(…)

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Jen Workman
@ jenseil
Bloomington, MN
Typical Thursday (@ Charleys Grilled Subs – @

@ teegause
Milwaukee, WI
Im at Charleys Grilled Subs (Milwaukee, WI)

Jen Workman
@ jenseil
Bloomington, MN
Twice in 3 days?!? Wasnt even my choice, dad suggested it! (@ Charleys Grilled Subs – @

@ QuinnBalor
Milwaukee, WI
I changed my mind again (@ Charleys Grilled Subs)

@ QuinnBalor
Milwaukee, WI
On second thought… (@ Charleys Grilled Subs)

Joe Pike
@ TheThree6s
Blaine, MN
Shopping break. Om nom nom. (@ Charleys Grilled Subs)

@ QuinnBalor
Milwaukee, WI
Buying lunch ugh my leg hurts though. -.- (@ Charleys Grilled Subs)

Bob Hartl
@ BeerLuver
Ashwaubenon, WI
Trying out this place with my niece. Heard the subs are yummmmmay ,) (@ Charleys Grilled Subs)

John Reyes
@ JBfromMKE
Milwaukee, WI
Quik bite before pool leagues. (@ Charleys Grilled Subs)

Tracie Adamski(Hall)
@ TracieAdamski
Milwaukee, WI
Best subs in #
milwaukee @ Charleys Grilled Subs

Katy (Ronnie)
@ WildKing16
Maplewood, MN
So fucking gooood (@ Charleys Grilled Subs)

@ Z_E_P_90
Charleys Grilled Subs
Probably the beat subs ever (@ Charleys Grilled Subs)

Charles McHenry
@ B1gChuck1
Milwaukee, WI
Im back! #
gifted ♫ LoveHate Thing (feat. Sam Dew) by @
Wale (@ Charleys Grilled Subs)

Katy (Ronnie)
@ WildKing16
Maplewood, MN
No Ely((( and a long line to get food (@ Charleys Grilled Subs)

@ Chris31508
Charleys Grilled Subs
Bacon 3 cheese steaks with my loves (@ Charleys Grilled Subs)

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