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4201 W Medical Center Dr,
McHenry, IL 60050

Northern Illinois Medical Ctr

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Physical Medicine & Rehab|Cardiac Surgery|Coronary Interventions|Speech Pathology Services|Social Services|Diagnostic Radiology Services|Pharmacy Services|Operating Rooms|Electrophysiology|Diagnostic Radioisotope|Infusion Therapy|Neonatal Nursery Services|Post-Op Recovery Room Services|Vascular Surgery|Joint Replacement|Spine Surgery|Bariatric Surgery|EGD Procedure|Ultrasound|Arthroscopy|Cyberknife|Robotic Surgery|Wound Care/IP|Clinical Laboratory Services|Rehabilitation Services/Non-CARF|Angioplasty|Emergency Services|Trauma Center/Level II|Inpatient Surgery Services|Alcohol-Chemical Depend|Anesthesia Services|Cardiology/Non-Invasive|Hemodialysis (Dialysis)|Home Health|Hospice|Intensive Care/General|Neuro-Surgical Services|Nuclear Medicine|Psychiatric Services/Adult|Dietary Services|Blood Bank|Obstetrical Services|Radiation Therapy|Respiratory/Pulmonary Svcs|Physical Therapy|Pediatric Services|Outpatient Surgery|Outpatient Services-InHouse|Oncology Services|Occupational Therapy Services

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W Medical Center Dr.
En el hospital con mi papa que se cayo. West Medical Center Drive. My insurance is weird, if I go where they want me to, everything is free. Centegra is half hour away, and is my closest in state emergency care, so one night I went there because I was very ill. Big, brand new facility. Everything is clean and organized as well. The staff is extremely friendly and professional as well. She gave me a prescription right there, since it was 1 am and it would have been tough to find a pharmacy that was open. Ghuman was great one of the best ER doctors I have had Month and a half later no bills.
My only negative was maybe the wait was long, that is about it. Defintely will go to again and again!
They said my Dad was just fine and sent him to a crappy rehab facility, he wasn’t even there 12 and he died.
I guess whoever said that my Dad was ok, needs to go back to medical school. The physicians are moderately competent for simple cases, and their billing service is worthless!
We have been dealing with billing errors for over one year for childhood well checks, and BCBS keeps telling me they are doing it incorrectly. If you are looking for a frustrating experience, extending months after your visit, this is the place for you. My advice is to go to a real hospital closer to Chicago where there are better physicians and a more competent billing staff. She was my doctor as a child, and now sees m(…)

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Norther Illinois Medical Ctr, Norther Illinois Medical Center, Centegra Northern Illinois Medical Center, Centegra Hospital-McHenry

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