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N1538N Daisy Dr,
Genoa City, WI 53128

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Cedar Dale Pet Resort. Had my dogs there for a week, came home to find out they had kenbel cough and dog flu sweep through their facility. My dogs were sent home sick.
Kimberly Lego we know how frustrated you feel that your pets became sick with the Canine Flu while staying at our facility. When the new strain of the Canine Influenza virus came to Chicago from Asia earlier this year, it was inevitable that it would spread to other areas.
I am sure that you have done your own research Kim, and that you are aware that this new strain of Influenza is so new to that United States – that no dog has ANY immunity to the virus, even those dogs that were vaccinated for Canine Influenza. You are also then fully aware that this is an airborne virus and that it is the most infectious to other dogs days before the first symptom occurs.
Unfortunately, during the busy July 4th week a silent carrier, displaying no symptoms whatsoever, introduced this virus into our facility. We can only hope that for the few that are struggling to place blame, that with time, they will understand that this Influenza outbreak was an act of nature and no-ones fault. Bruce, Cedar Dale Pet Resort. I could have done better myself. They did not listen to what I wanted and when my pups came out of the back room they were shaved down bald.
My 10 year old could have cut my Yorkies better.
We have been going to Cedar Dale for well over 10 years.

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@ billmarkut
Bloomfield, WI
I just became the mayor of Cedar Dale Pet Resort on @
foursquare! https://4sq.com/d2pbAP

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