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We strive to have premium hand crafted E-Liquid and the highest quality vaporizers


(715) 966-4601


300 South 17th Ave Suite B,
Wausau, WI 54403

It is right next to Starbucks and Abby Bank.

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High Quality Vaporizers- Hand Crafted Premium E-Liquid, NicQuid-High Quality Mods Name brands such as Tesla, Aspire, Cloupor, Kangertech,and Atmos

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Candy Shop Vapor, Wausau, Wisconsin. 1,143 likes | 6 talking about this | 2 were here. Vape shop with E-juice and mods of all kinds!!!.

New and revised products at Candy Shop Vapor

New items for Candy Shop Vapor! they are awsome, small , tecnological , and powerful!

We are golfing for DC everest to raise funds for Everest rugby team! It’s a gorgeous day for golfing jason winning

Candy Shop Vapor!

Got Hold Fast Vapor e-liquid now at Candy Shop Vapor, has flavors like Pirates Booty, Port Royal, Davey Jones Locker, Jaws, and Mutiny. FLAVORS INCLUDE, Strawberry Banna cotton candy, Maple cake, Jawbreakers, and pinaepple mango berry, and crisp pear berries toped with whipped cream come down and try them out.

New CBD eliquid from Candy Shop Vapor. Most shops have 30mg for 15ml like other shops in town, I have for 7ml you get 70mg of cbd. This is way stronger concentration per ml. Come down and try out.

Just got in bunch of new mods and rda’s and dry tobacco vaporizers. Few of the names of mods; the dragon, Excalibur, abs with volt display, abs 7 mod, cracked mod box, mini clopour 30 watt, DNA 40, and more. RdA’s the dragon, mutilator, arrow, mutation x v2, cigreen x v2, these are all originals not clones. For the dry tobacco , vapor blunt, titan v2 & v3. Come check out wide selection of new tanks like sub ohm kanger mini, sub ohm delta 2 which goes up to 50 watts , and new sub ohm stick batteries if dont want mod but want a sub tank they go to 25 watts.

I have many new RDA’s new box mods new awesome mechanical mods and the newest tanks and much more it will be showing up by next week sometime I was hoping they would be here by this week but they are a little bit behind because of their vacation and they have a lot of orders to fulfill and if anybody is looking for something in particular let me know and I can probably get it. Cuz if I don’t have it I can probably get it for you cuz all I do is want to make my customers happy

Here is new plan to take Candy Shop Vapor to the next level and to be prepared before the FDA shut down all these custom e-juice makers because you’re not going to be able to buy nicotine without a license and that may happen sooner than later

Hello this is Jason owner of candy shop vapor I was making this post because some lady pulled out in front of me and we practically hit head on. I am injured so if I am NOT at the shop I am very sorry that I am NOT here so please don’t think I’m just not here. The lady pulled out over by Shopko on the dual lane road and I was on the outside lane and she said that she was looking right and she just pulled out and I tried to swerve to miss her at least I swerved enough so I did. n’t hit her straight on the door and we sit front of the cars instead cuz she was turning in so it made us practically hit head on. I will post pictures on the internet of the car when I go look at it at the impound and again I am very sorry if I’m not here I might be here and I might not be because they will be taking to me to the hospital in the next hour my brother is going to come pick me up when he is done working and take me there. I’m sorry for the inconvenience Jason of candy shop vapor

People make me sick and this is why please help those who need help it will make you feel better about yourself

New line of wood , mech , and vw mods!

Made these awesome twisted coils for John they are twisted 24 and when I check the ohms they were .15; 6 wrap. That check the vapor and have great taste. At my store I will build pretty much any coil you want or need. The coils are absolutely huge. Come check out all the mods I have over 30 different times and I have over 20 different kinds of our TAS new one like the Dark Horse, the Legion, the haze, little boy, the geyser, the darang and many more. Come check me out and have over 30 to 40 new products showing up in the next few weeks! And come check out some of the new mods from last year having a super sale on some ranging from 25 and up.

Packers kicked butt against the lions. Go Pack go!

This is a video of some of the new products at Candy Shop Vapor.

Candy shop vapor has many new products like the sigelei 150 watt, the Tesla v3, the Aspire Atlantis , the Elief Istick, Haze RDA, Legion RDA, and Nitecore Intellicharger, and Tesla mech mod cases CF. Come and check out all the new things and new things arriving daily soon to come dual 18650 unregulated mod boxes. And the Darrang RDA.

Candy Shop Vapor together at last!

Just awesome everything. Finally, somsomeone that tries there own products first before trying to sell them to others.

This review is hidden. View reviewPretty cool dude who owns Candy Shop Vapor. I was an everyday customer at VapinUSA but now that’s kinda gonna go down th. e drain and my choice is probably gonna switch to the Candy Shop. Never even knew they were basically across from VapinUSA until today lol. Glad I found them on Google. Update! s! Definitely! Jason hooked my ass up! Thanks so much man!.

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