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(920) 849-1818

(920) 849-2386


614 Memorial Dr,
Chilton, WI 53014

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Social Services|Clinical Laboratory Services|Operating Rooms|Pharmacy Services|Post-Op Recovery Room Services|Diagnostic Radiology Services|Rehabilitation Services/CARF|Inpatient Surgery Services|Trauma Center/Medicare Certified|Joint Replacement|Bariatric Surgery|EGD Procedure|Speech Pathology Services|Infusion Therapy|CT Scan|Anesthesia Services|Emergency Services|MRI (Magnetic Res Imaging)|Nuclear Medicine|Occupational Therapy Services|Ophthalmologic Services|Dietary Services|Outpatient Services-InHouse|Outpatient Surgery|Physical Therapy|Radiation Therapy|Reconstructive/Plastic Surg|Respiratory/Pulmonary Svcs|Orthopedic Surgery|Rehabilitation Services/Outpatient


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Mon – Sun. Open 24 Hours

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Had a great week off. lots of baseball. got some extra cleaning and minimizing done. .some DG, screw off time with my kids, stepkids and my nephews. even managed some time with the hubby and caught up on Agents of Shield and Flash smile emoticon. got alot of stuff done for Second Chance and met some new peeps smile emoticon . Now back to the grind smile emoticon

Please be safe tonight. do not want to see you here!!!

In the er with a horrible back pain. Hopefully make it better

Got to the place to load checking trailer out before loading with the people here. Got in a hurry to get out of the way hit my head on air box. Started bleeding it wouldn’t stop ended up in emergency room. Yee haw got ten staples in my melon and told can’t drive till Thursday. Had good trip now try to get one home gunna take week or so off! Didn’t have the place I’m loading at so that’s why the medical center on the post

Aquí en el hospital con mi bb

So i cant get a jack hammer leg.

Gibson fell at school and a pencil stabbed him in the eye. Followed ambulance to the hospital. Initial exam looks like it missed his eyeball. .but they are doing a CT scan to make sure part of the pencil didn’t do any damage or break off inside of his socket/head.

After being a bachelor for 66 years, Rod is thrilled to have a “chauffeur” to take him home. Colonoscopy time.

First broken bone!!! 3-4 weeks & this collarbone will be healed!

So my Dr appointment went rlly well! I gotta keep the boot on for another two wks then go n get another set of xrays to make sure everything is still healing well.


Now we Hurry up and wait a week for those results

Worst ER ever. Went there for my sons droken leg. Idiot dr. Didnt no how to read x-ray. He put a temporary cast I would have formed to his leg a lot better. Terrible job. We where ther maybe 1 hr. Bill was 1200.00 and they would not work with me on billing. . Never will go back. WAY BETTER SERVICE AND ALOT BETTER DOCTORS AT THEDA. not to mention they dont have a arigant billing guy

Since the Doctors office fills their schedule jam packed, leaving no room for any same day appointments- you are forced to use the emergency room ($$$). Staff at clinic and waiting room are very rude. Im making the change to another primary today!!!

For anyone who is trying to call Calumet Medical Center, the correct phone number is 1-920-849-2386. For the nurses station, the phone number is 1-920-849-7515. The number listed on the page is incorrect and will be answered by the hearing impaired center.

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Ivory Standard
@ IvoryStandard
Wisconsin, USA
nursing #
jobs Certified Nursing Assistant – Calumet Medical Center – Med/Surg (Part-Time) – PM%27s:…

Madison Jobs
@ madisonjobsx
Chilton, WI
ER Staff Nurse, Full-Time – Days (Calumet Medical Center) – Ministry Health Care – Chilton, WI: Calumet Medic…

Madison Jobs
@ madisonjobsx
Chilton, WI
Medical Technologist-Calumet Medical Center Chilton,WI 20hrs/wk variable Shifts – Ministry Health Care – Chil…

Maggie Martin
@ maggiemootwin
Chilton, WI
I just ousted Matthew S. as the mayor of Calumet Medical Center on @

Maria Myers
@ Maria7z
Charlestown, WI
Im at Calumet Medical Center (Chilton)

Also Known As

Calumet Medical Ctr, Peebles, Todd R, MD Calumet Medical Ctr

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