Burnett Dairy Co-Op




(715) 689-2786

(715) 689-1000


11631 State Road 70,
Grantsburg, WI 54840

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Brynn McBroom
@ brinniemac
Wisconsin, USA
So youre from Wisconsin do you like cheese? Uhhhhh ya! @ Burnett Dairy Co-op https://instagram.com/p/uRBAnQt1TW/

The Lucid Word
@ thelucidword
Wisconsin, USA
Wanna lick? PSYCH! @ Burnett Dairy Co-op https://instagram.com/p/rz2l95DCbA/

The Lucid Word
@ thelucidword
Minnesota, USA
Wanna lick? #
dessertporn #
twistycone #
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icecream #
BurnettDairy @ burnett dairy co-op https://instagram.com/p/riImETjCWm/

@ Reidjohnson4
Wood River, WI
Burnett dairy co-op

Mike Warden
@ mikew3352
Daniels, WI
The dogs made us stop for ice cream. (@ Burnett Dairy Co-op) https://4sq.com/LyuP5i

Also Known As

Burnett Dairy Co-Op Energy Division

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