Brown Baer


(920) 876-3319


181 E Rhine St,
Elkhart Lake, WI 53020

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Nick Rincon
@ RinconMusic
Sheboygan, WI
Im going to Elkhart one way or another this weekend and Im drinking carona w limes and eating corn bread from the brown Baer.

@ clarewitkowski
Wisconsin, USA
hopalicious & pool with dad. feels like home. – Drinking a Hopalicious by @
ale_asylum @ Brown Baer — #

@ ctbieri
Wisconsin, USA
Well, this was interesting. @ Brown Baer

Radio Radio
@ radioradiomke
Milwaukee, WI
Hello Elkhart Lake. Brown Baer at 9pm…

Amy Szyjakowski
@ sugar_dumplin
Wisconsin, USA
Im at Brown Baer (Elkhart Lake, WI)

Courtney Gottsacker
@ Mamagottsacker
Wisconsin, USA
I love you friends! @ Brown Baer

Andrea Knowles
@ DrDreKnowles
Elkhart Lake, WI
Greetings, 2014. #
brownbaer #
elkhartlake #
vsco @ Brown Baer

Andrea Knowles
@ DrDreKnowles
Elkhart Lake, WI
The rents turned up for the #
nye2014 celebration and I mean that in both ways @ Brown Baer

Kaila Kissinger
@ KailaKissinger
Elkhart Lake, WI
HappyNewYear #2014 @ Brown Baer

Christopher Lee
@ smileyke
Elkhart Lake, WI
Post setup drinks. (@ Brown Baer)

Mitch Andrews
@ MrLucky_13
Elkhart Lake, WI
Drinking a Sticky McDoogle by @
Ale_Asylum @ Brown Baer —

Whitney B.
@ whitneyb1
Brown Baer
apparently its disco night. this evenings headliner: the mustache. (@ Brown Baer)

Carlos Munoz
@ ReadCarlos
Elkhart Lake, WI
thebowserband #
elkhartlake @ Brown Baer

Meg Opel
@ megopel
Elkhart Lake, WI
Smooching another boy outside the bars late at night. @ Brown Baer

Amy Szyjakowski
@ sugar_dumplin
Brown Baer
Finally back!!!!! (@ Brown Baer)

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