Brook Park Fire Department



(320) 679-1355


206 3rd Ave S,
Brook Park, MN 55007

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Closing ceremonies for Ohio Flags of Honor

Spending my time with “the man” this morning

All the money they are getting from us you would think that they would have the air on in there .

I came to court with James J Viancourt I don’t think it was a good idea because of me in court with no sleep. I just have a funny feeling that I will be going to jail if this ASSHOLE Say anything bad it will be bad that’s all I clam saying

Waiting to hear why they are closing our fire dept this Sunday, May 11. We were given a one week notice.

Payn Uncle Sam $$$ Long Ass line right along with the last minute ppl.

Also Known As

Brook Park City Hall, Brook Park Fire Dept

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