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Briarwick Apartments, Greenfield, WI. 134 likes | 6 talking about this | 475 were here. Enjoy Unmatched Elegance and Privacy. .

I want to thank Cassie, Ann, Nicole, Elizabeth, Alissa, Laura, Jackie, Cristina, Renee, Seth, Terry, Al, Mike, Milton, and Tim our Inaugural Attendees to Briarwick’s 1st Annual Oscar Party. Though we star, ted small like our 1st Packer Party, I am excited to see it grow. We had three ladies go all out and dressed up which was totally wonderful and in the spirit of the party we were going for. Our 2015 Winner for Best Dressed @ an Oscar Party goes to Laura in her stunning bl. ack gown. Ladies remember next year that this is a safe zone, you don’t need a date, you can bring a friend, and you can dress up just to have fun like you use to do when you were little girls. We only got pics of some of the gentleman who attended, but thank everyone for coming. As to the reason for the award show itself, we had a handful of people who picked 6 awards right, Renee who picked 7 awards correct, and our 2015 Winner for Best Pick’s goes to Nicole who picked 8 awards correct. Nicole is pictured wearing her Brewer’s Shirt both with Ann and Cassie at a table having lots of fun and with Milton our resident Don Juan. Our two winners Laura and Nicole won an Oscar from Briarwick and a Roku from Time Warner Cable.

Clubhouse looks great for the Oscar Party – Thanks Susie!! Wine and Drinks are ready – see everyone soon:) Doors open at 4:30, Pics on Red Carpet from 5pm until viewing at 6pm. Dress to impress or come as you are.

Don’t forget the season opener Packers vs. Seattle at the clubhouse this evening. Brats and beer for all!!

NORTH DRIVE REPAVING PROJECT star, ts tomorrow at 8am. All Cars OFF THE LOT from the orange cones down the hill towards 92nd street. Also anyone who needs to use their cars (even those in underground parking) must be off by Friday@8am. You can come back on Friday night and over the weekend, but need to be back off Monday at 8am and until barricades are removed and the drive opened Wednesday weather permitting. You can park up the hill from the cones if you don’t need to use your car, or on 92nd street or directly across the street at Clement Manors overflow parking.

TODAY IS THE DAY!! Beer, Pig Roast & Chicken & corn on the cob from Fohr’s Catering, live serenades from Sam the Piano Man, and music and karaoke by MusicNDemand. Drinks at 5pm, Dinner at 6pm and Karaoke with prizes star, ting at 7:30!!

Annual Summer Pig Roast & Chicken Dinner Under the Big Top Tent Thursday August 7th . RSVP required for Dinner. All are welcome to show up for Drinks, Karaoke, Dancing and Pool • Drinks at 5:00pm • Dinner at 6:00 – 7:30pm • Serenaded by “Sam the Piano Man” • Karaoke Contest 7:00 – 8:30pm • Pool Party & Dancing until 10pm

Hello Briarwick – The Pool is OPEN!!!!

This weekend when enjoying time with Family and Friends, take time to remember the TRUE spirit of this Holiday and to THANK someone you meet for their service (present or past,) and remember the SACRAFICE of those who came before us.

Welcome to the Party we all wanted the PACKERS to be @ but none of us wants to miss!! So, don’t isolate yourself home alone. if you’re coming for the game, the commercials, or just the halftime show, come to the clubhouse and bring something to share. We’ll supply the water, soda and beer:) Game star, ts at 5:30pm, and we will open doors at 5pm to catch last 1/2 of pre-game and to get ready for the frivolity to begin!!

Wildcard Game @ Clubhouse this Sunday January 5th. Doors will unlock at 2:00pm, Kickoff at 3:40pm!! POTLUCK for food, snacks and desserts, with Briarwick providing the beer soda and water for all who want to root on the Packers now that the Blackout has been avoid thanks to Fans and corporate partners, including Associated Bank!! Pressure in really on Aaron now that his one of his corporate sponsors stepped up to help Packer Nation celebrate together!!! See you there smile emoticon Spread the word to our faithful!!!

Saturday December 14th @ 8pm in the Clubhouse. This is an adult stress break from all of the Holiday Hassle. Themed dress is encouraged. Dress up, Dress down, or come in Character. Any Christmas character!! Bring a drink to share or a dish to pass and a gift. $5 cap or re-gift anything. We will share gifts white Elephant style!!

POT LUCK THIS SUNDAY…Game is at Noon!! Relax with some beer and Spicy Pulled Pork Sandwiches. Bring some snacks, shots or side to pass. Come early for good seats before kickoff. We had Great Food too at the Bears game, but it didn’t help… the game sucked!! Sunday we need more fans and more cheering to help the Packers stop their downward slide and regain control of their season. This is Do or Die for our Packers, and we are getting no respect… they swapped TV broadcasters and the B-team is calling the game. Adrian Peterson is playing in his 100th career game if he steps on the field, so this should be a highly emotional game!!

Just finished with a survey from Fastsigns. I love that they can take my ideas and turn them into great things!!

OUR NEXT GAME is OCTOBER 6th @noon in the Clubhouse. We need to grab some more pics with our phones to help catch all the excitement and fun we have. Missing pics of lots of regulars and some new faces this year. Remember after the bye week, Beer and Brats are on the House and I’m sure the Pack will bounce back against a division opponent, escpecially if they read my rant below:) Also going all in and getting a 1/4 barrel for that game. time to vote lite or highlife:)

To everyone who came out and supported the Packers with us last Sunday – Thanks & I hope we see everyone on the Packers playing better October 6th against the Loins!!! I’m glad we have a bye week so maybe McCarthy can star, t grabbing some packers by the facemask and asking questions like: Jones why did you give up on your route, Franklin how can you have such a great game and not hold the ball with two hands going over the middle. Didn’t Pop Warner teach you anything?? and R. ogers – Seriously. Pump Fake Anyone?? At least on the last play – after the first one was batted down. Maybe give the offense to Capers on the bye week so he can teach them how to man up. The defense looked great!!!! OK – EXCEPT our Secondary – If they could have just been in the same frame of the video on the big plays that would have been nice. Williams I think you need to earn those dreads!! Cut them off and star, t again. All ranting asside. I LOVE THE PACK, and cheering them on each game – like many of us, its a relase from pressures, at least for a few hours, so when they don’t give absolutely everything they have – you feel robbed!! Rodgers Manned up with the press afterwords and maybe he and Clay should do some attention grabbing of their own to get the guys around them to understand next man up shouldn’t just apply just to injurys – if they can’t play give 110% each play – “Next Man UP!!!”

I just want to say how nice it was to get back to the Packer Party Season. We had 44 fans in attendance, and despite the cheering, moans, and sponge-bricks tossed at the TV, the Pack still lost… but it was a great time!! Many Many Thanks to Jen for bringing “the Jell-O”, Gil for the sponge-brick and Jenifer for the touchdown pound hound singing who let the dogs out. You have to be there to understand, but our Packer Nation is strong, and it’s a great time to be with all of. you on a Sunday!! Being part of our group makes Briarwick seem small enough to know everyone by name, and star, ting our 3rd season together makes it feel like home!! We look forward to some new faces on the 22nd when the Pack plays the Bengals at noon. We will be losing a chunk of our regular crowd to a birthday party, so it would be a great time for more newcomers to join the fun and build our fan base. Tradition dictates Briarwick’s 2nd Packer Party of the month to be our Resident’s Pot Luck – with everyone’s favorite Packers dishes to pass (Appetizer, Entrée or Dessert,) while Beer & Soda will be hosted by Briarwick. By the time we get to October’s 1st Home Game, I want the clubhouse overflowing so we have to get another TV Our winner of the Packer Jersey raffle was Tina – Congrats!! And to the four horsemen who stayed and played cards after the game… Is this a new tradition??

Let us know who you honored this Memorial Day!!!! As the father of an active duty Marine, the son of a retired Air force Fighter Pilot, and the son-in-law of an Air Force Master Sergeant laid to rest at the Veteran’s Cemetery in Union Grove, I wish all Military Service Men, Women and Families a heart felt thank you for your sacrifice and commitment to our country. Gregory Olson. PFC Olson, Mitch USMC (active duty) Major Olson, Elmer AF (retired) Master Sergeant Salo, Melvin (laid to rest November 23, 2010)

See all you who RSVP’d tomorrow night for the game. If anyone else wants to come just RSVP by commenting to this with name and how many attending. I’ll buy brats tomorrow after lunch and star, t grilling late afternoon so food will be ready by kickoff!! We have 46 right now, so expecting a great time. Office Will be closed tomorrow due to Illness, so we won’t open till 3:30pm. I’m sure I see the regulars at 6pm prepping their spots. Can’t wait!!

NFC Wild Card Game Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. We want to host a Packer Party in the Clubhouse for the rubber match against the Vikings… SINCE it is our 1st Night Game… WE NEED 20 RSVP’s in the next 48 hours please!!!!. As a night game with no work the next day this could be our most entertaining party of the year!!! Beer & Brats as tradition… Packer party favorites to pass if you like!!

Oh gosh yes I’d love to! Love living here out of all the apartments I’ve lived in! I feel very safe & secure. A very family with or without kids atmosphere. Things get fixed now not later. Love Joy & Greg.

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At Briarwick Apartments in Greenfield, WI Enjoy the outdoors with your family or pets on our beautifully landscaped grounds.
Our clubhouse offers a community room for your private parties including: a. Now that the outside temperatures are finally warming up, its time to make use of any outdoor space at your apartment. Lounging outside after a long day of work can provide the needed relaxation you have been waiting for.
Consider the following ideas if you have a patio or balcony that could use a freshen up for the summer season. If you haven’t tackled the cleaning yet, it’s time to remove the cobwebs, dirt and other debris that have accumulated.
Be sure to give the deck a good sweep or wash. If you haven’t already, it may be time to invest in an outdoor patio set. Or perhaps you can just freshen up any faded cushions or accent pillows to give your set a fresh feel. Be sure you are making use of shelving units and hanging what you can to conserve space. Double duty furniture like deck boxes can be used as both a table and storage and can be quite handy. Want to start your spring and summer off on the right foot? A clean house will surely help!
Here are a few insightful tips to help you conquer all of your cleaning tasks for the coming months.
Work from the top down, inside to outside, to avoid getting what you just cleaned dirty again. Do one room or one area of a room at a time to avoid unfinished jobs.(…)

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