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Brian Berry
@ theburningficus
The reviews of the Forge TV on Amazon are dreadful, So this is what @
playouya owners have to look forward to? Thats a real shame.

Brian Berry
@ theburningficus
Razer confirms what OUYA fans knew a month ago, so I guess its time to spend the credits in my account:…

MOJO Magazine
@ MOJOmagazine
Listen To Peter Gabriel’s (@
itspetergabriel) Games Without Frontiers In German!…

Brian Berry
@ theburningficus
To the gentleman who last rode on the elevator I just stepped in, thank you for letting me know Sex Panther comes in a 10-gallon drum size.

Brian Berry
@ theburningficus
Garrison Keillor is going to retire A Prairie Home Companion. [tap tap] I SAID, GARRISON KEILLOR IS GOING TO RETIRE A PRAIRIE…

Brian Berry
@ theburningficus
2 Toshiba execs quit after they misreported earnings after 2008. Apparently, in their fantasy world, HD-DVD had won the highdef format war.

Rupert Pupkin
@ bobfreelander
Cool, @
WarnerArchive will be putting THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP out on #
Bluray this summer:

@ pitchfork
The Chemical Brothers (@
ChemBros) Born in the Echoes reviewed by @

@ KPChatShow
Catch our latest show w/ @
MrJoshCharles on Youtube, Itunes, & Earwolf!

Greg Proops
@ GregProops
Join the Real Tea Party

Seth MacFarlane
@ SethMacFarlane
Photo of Pluto from NASAs New Horizons spacecraft. Incredible to witness.

Adam Savage
@ donttrythis
Party Down was one of the great undersung, sadly cancelled shows. Amazing cast, hilarious writing, just brilliant.

Happy Independence Day!

Brian Berry
@ theburningficus
Didnt know these were up: Didnt bother w/ the A&E remake (now cancelled), just waiting the original to come back…

Droid Life
@ droid_life
Moto X (1st Gen) Android 5.1 Update Hits Verizon Labs Next Week, Also Awaiting AT&T Approval –

Brian Berry
@ theburningficus
Somebodys bored with the documentary I decided to watch this afternoon.

Brian Berry
@ theburningficus
And 10.10.4 just popped up. Perfect. Id wish for the Lollipop update supposedly in soak test for my phone, but thatd be pushing it.

Brian Berry
@ theburningficus
Just got laid off, back home running the iOS 8.4 update and downloading the new Windows 10 build, Once an IT guy, always an IT guy.

Brian Berry
@ theburningficus
So long, Goofus & Gallant.

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