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430 State Highway 70 E,
Saint Germain, WI 54558

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Across from the St Germain Sport Marine in St Germain

This rental shop needs to buy new equipment. The current sleds they rent go back to 2007 with 17,000+ miles. Some have broken odometers! These sleds are worn out and have mechanical failures! Mine threw a belt within 7 miles. The hand warmers didn’t work. Battery was old and went dead and had to be jumped all day. They did however change it out when I got back in town. The lack of maintenance is h. orrible! My buddy had a clutch explode on the lake and chunks busted through the hood. The 3rd sled in our group broke a belt as well. Who’s to say how many miles the belts had on them but if they were due for new ones, shouldn’t the mechanic do it when they come in and get checked over? The mechanic was extremely rude to the customers including myself. They left my buddy waiting with a broke down sled for over 2 hrs. Before they came out to get him. . 15 minutes away! I’ve rented from other places in the area and farther out, all have newer sleds and fewer problems. They also are more expensive than St. Germain. So I guess you get what you pay for. My group likes to rent, we can come up and ride and not have to worry about breaking down on sleds. Also, we don’t want to be working on or towing sleds out on the trails. This is all we did on this trip. We could have brought our on sleds up for that luck. My group will not be renting from them in the future unless they have new rentals with low mileage. The owners did reimburse my buddy for the days rental since they didn’t have a clutch to fix that rental sled. That was honorable of them! Žiūrėti daugiau.

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Germain Sport Marine – We offer snowmobile, pontoon boat, fishing boat, ski boat, fish-n-ski boat, PWC and outboard rentals.
We offer snowmobile, pontoon boat, fishing boat, ski boat, fish-n-ski boat, PWC and outboard rentals.
Our store offers for sale snowmobile parts, clothing, helmets, oil and other snowmobile. Sneaky verbage in the rental agreements.
They charge you for gas no matter how much is in the tank.
It was a piece of crap to begin with and nothingt was done to it. Real arrogant and when I asked about the gas policy.what a line of b.s.

430 WI-70 St Germain, WI 54558.
(715) 479-4930

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