(715) 423-6876


1711 Baker Dr,
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494

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1711 Baker Dr Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494.
(715) 423-6876

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Red Dot Arms
@ RedDotArms
Best training targets out market. Pelvic area to train for BP vest#
target https://www.reddotarms.com/rdat1.html pic.twitter.com/7iUEl2D0Po

Brooklyn Park, MN
@ BrooklynPark
BP rapper @
SodaSupreme is uniting the city through music! Read more about him here: https://goo.gl/s5xAIv pic.twitter.com/eM0PgwVxdp

nick poulos
@ ngpoulos
BP Reports Second-Quarter Loss as Oil Spill Settlement Takes Toll, via @
nytimes https://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/29/business/international/bp-earnings-q2.html?smprod=nytcore-iphone&smid=nytcore-iphone-share…

Maribeth Ogley
@ maribethog
Oil Prices to Remain Soft in Short, Medium Term: BP CFO by REUTERS via NYT https://ift.tt/1Kv5Nae

Madison.com Biz
@ MadBiz
Energy company BP slides to loss in 2nd quarter https://host.madison.com/business/energy-company-bp-slides-to-loss-in-nd-quarter/article_6c9a6a88-268d-59cd-bfd3-30bbc98d790e.html…

Todd Rosiak
@ Todd_Rosiak
Counsell said Braun felt some pain in his back during BP and he wasn’t able to go. Wasn’t available to pinch-hit tonight as a result.

@ O_lefty_Dub
Im having a Lil function in BP this weekend hmu for info

Beck Chase
@ chaserb3
Just chillen on the beach today playing some BP pic.twitter.com/rAxfXVflUP

@ doc_nad
How NOT to Get a Cartoon in the New Yorker…https://bit.ly/1S42A5C #
PaulKarasik #
TheNewYorker pic.twitter.com/gu6VwbBBqL

chewie. ➡️ MDBP
@ DJ_Chewie
Just wanna play BP and vibe tonight.

Sarah Reynolds
@ Sarah__Reynolds
Tell @
TheJusticeDept to specify that BP cant write off any ANY of $18.7Billion settlement payments as tax deduction https://uspirg.webaction.org/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=11781&utm_source=Salsa&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=USP4-FTAX-0715&utm_content=EM501A-X…

Eagan Patriots
@ EaganPatriots
Patriots now face LV North in an elimination game Friday afternoon at 1pm. BP by 1145am as @
jackmconway looks to shut down North again!!

Wisconsin Woodchucks
@ ChucksBaseball
E3YPWausau s own Nick OBrien took some BP on the field today! Check it out! #
GoodLuckChucks #
OnTheMove pic.twitter.com/SLJA27lPGO

La Crosse Loggers
@ LoggersBaseball
BP is underway in Madison! Air time on the Logger Radio Network is 6:30, First Pitch set for 7:05! pic.twitter.com/GjPLywMFCV

@ jarl_jjcurlyq
Jennifer retweeted Brooklyn Park, MN

Nic Kortemeier
@ nickortemeier
Indian Shores, FL
*Bryce fouls a ball off while taking BP, Appears frustrated*Mikey: Way to fight that one off Bryce@
bryce3720 @

Brooklyn Park, MN
@ BrooklynPark
His Royal Majesty Fon Azefor III of the Nkwen region of Cameroon visited BP today! More pics: https://goo.gl/9sOFL1 pic.twitter.com/KyoS95WQc2

@ Haudricourt
The change up once was Lohses best pitch. This year, he just hasnt been able to get that pitch down in zone. Has been BP against it.

1349 Official
@ 1349official
TONIGHT: The official debut of Lervigs version of the 1349 PALE ALE at Cafe Fiasco in Oslo. The… https://instagram.com/p/5cIsZcm-bP/

Steven Bluhm
@ whs_coachbluhm
Alex Avila taking BP before the game with his dadhttps://youtu.be/KhizZlMxQ0E.

@ NavarroRachael
Waterford, WI
Getting gas to finish house hunting
icon smile(@ BP in Waterford, WI) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/hcoltPOdC4x

Parent Rules
@ parentrules
When youre done coughing, can you eat some green beans?

Bryan Pendleton
@ bp
AviosSA Note to everyone: There *is* no way to fill up @
bp. #
wrongbp guys. #

Bryan Pendleton
@ bp
Hey, @
Uber, how come youll pick up from one side of Delaware City (19706) but not the other? Its like 8 blocks at its widest.

Bryan Pendleton
@ bp
Must see: Check out new DM1 Wallet models by Decadent Minimalist: relaunched in Nickel, Titanium and Carbon Fiber! https://thndr.it/1NR3AEe

Bryan Pendleton
@ bp
Excellent news from #
SCOTUS today on #

Bryan Pendleton
@ bp
Wade into some seriously silly discussion of climate and water. https://youtu.be/ar1CNh7XmgY @
dsa_climate #

@ healthyridepgh
Get ready, Pittsburgh! Healthy Ride will launch Sunday, May 31! Pre-register now at https://ow.ly/N6AfB #
healthyridepgh #

Dont Just Sit There
@ dsa_climate
Thanks to everyone that came out to #
FutureFest15 today! Thank you to our sponsors, our partners, and our host. The future looks bright!

Dont Just Sit There
@ dsa_climate
Come make green mainstream tomorrow with us at #
FutureFest15 at Phipps! Were looking forward to it. https://buff.ly/1JkkfRd @

Bryan Pendleton
@ bp
Im still not the BP that spilled oil all over the gulf. Im the BP helping @
dsa_climate throw https://futurefestpgh.com Apr 25. #

Dont Just Sit There
@ dsa_climate
Tune in tomorrow to @
esspgh on 90.5 WESA to hear more about #
FutureFest15 this Sat. at Phipps from our very own Joylette! @

PittsburghCity Paper
@ PGHCityPaper
Pres. of local enviro group @
Communitopia: We are not going to depress people into action. https://bit.ly/1PSAQ0b pic.twitter.com/MlsVltsa2w

FutureFest PGH
@ FuturefestPgh
Mark your calendars for #
FutureFest15 on April 25, 2015. Were looking forward to it! Learn more here: https://buff.ly/1G2NKC2

Dont Just Sit There
@ dsa_climate
NOAA and @
NASA confirm 2014 was officially the #
HottestYearEver. See how #
climatechange played out this year: https://bit.ly/2014HottestYearEver…

Bryan Pendleton
@ bp
Help #
FightEbola. For every $1 you give, Google will give $2. Donate here: https://google.com/fightebola.

Bryan Pendleton
@ bp
ingress, consumes phone batteries, yet encourages neighborhood exploration.

Dont Just Sit There
@ dsa_climate
Methane Part II: Hotspots! Enjoy our irreverent take on the #2 greenhouse gas now at https://buff.ly/1s7E9SU

Lucky Tran
@ luckytran
In days of #
PublicHealth crisis & vaccine doubt, its fitting the #
GoogleDoodle celebrates Jonas #
Salks 100th bday! pic.twitter.com/G2F4IHC8jD

Green Ninja
@ ourgreenninja
Great intro video – consider supporting @
dsa_climate Dont Just Sit There – Do Something! @
Patreon https://www.patreon.com/DJST&ty=2

BP America
@ BP_America
What will the world look like in 2035? #

@ BP_plc
BP’s 2Q results. #
Oil price. Deepwater Horizon. Bob Dudley discusses all in our interview: https://on.bp.com/1OMTSTO pic.twitter.com/tTJvIyiPOX

BP Press
@ BP_Press
Bob Dudley on #
BPs 2Q #
results $
BP pic.twitter.com/pArFxcebNr

BP Press
@ BP_Press
BP reports 2Q #
results. Read the full story here: https://on.bp.com/1U3qCeB $
BP pic.twitter.com/s8u2Mayf5C

BP Press
@ BP_Press
The key facts of #
BPs 2Q #
results $
BP pic.twitter.com/akqgmF2G23

BP Press
@ BP_Press
BP reports $1.3b underlying profit for 2Q 2015 #
results $
BP pic.twitter.com/LTgOECV2tz

American Cowboy
@ AmericanCowboy_
A big thanks to @
BP_America for supporting military families and hosting @
SemperFiFund at @
CheFrontierDays pic.twitter.com/ATorv8xmh7

Semper Fi Fund
@ SemperFiFund
Thanks .@
BP_America for sponsoring our wounded, ill & injured #
veterans .@
CheFrontierDays Great time at grand parade! pic.twitter.com/zqV2lbSD16

BP America
@ BP_America
Get your brain working this Monday morning with a #
brainteaser. Reply with your answer. pic.twitter.com/uvagknlU7q

@ BP_Alaska
AlaskaChamber & BP volunteer Liesel R. teach #
Alaska High School students the basics of #
bizdev & #
STEM @ #
AK Biz Wk pic.twitter.com/x8YHNR53D3

BP America
@ BP_America
VIDEO: BP proudly supports @
HiringOurHeroes summit, which prepares soldiers for civilian life: https://bit.ly/1GKUfYy pic.twitter.com/bUaSbFG0nb

@ the_sca
Our SCA #
Chicago members were *so* stoked to meet gold medalist @
ShaniDavis today! Thx @
BP_America for inviting him! pic.twitter.com/zjgGod6ipx

@ swimswamnews
IPC Announces New Biennial BP Courage Award https://swimswam.com/ipc-announces-new-biennial-bp-courage-award/…

@ BP_Alaska
BP is proud to support & sponsor the @
hiringourheroes #
Alaska event -thanks to our BP #
veteran volunteers pic.twitter.com/ARBxCHpKNr

Hiring Our Heroes
@ hiringourheroes
Weve kicked off Day Two of the Alaska Transition Summit supported by @
BP_Alaska. The resume workshop is packed! pic.twitter.com/uTBJtHKUjB

Hiring Our Heroes
@ hiringourheroes
Alaska Transition Summit Day One is in the books! Thanks @
BP_Alaska & all strategic partners for making it happen. pic.twitter.com/IwW3Qg6F1y

Shani Davis
@ ShaniDavis
Excited to meet with @
the_sca and share my #
Olympic story today! Thanks @
BP_America for your support!

WBW Summer Programs
@ wbw_org
Thank you Manufacturing Week sponsors @
TotemOcean, @
BP_America Cherry Point, @
TesoroCorp, Bamford Fnd & GM Nameplate! pic.twitter.com/gli0FaQ1r5

BP America
@ BP_America
Every day we are inspired by U.S. Paralympian @
TatyanaMcFadden.Thanks for sharing your story with our employees. pic.twitter.com/hxP7xUDzix

BP America
@ BP_America
Pleased to announce Team BP has crossed the million dollar fundraising mark for the @
BPMS150. Were proud to support! pic.twitter.com/gBU4dG4k9W

Ari B. Krupkin
@ arikrupkin
Repping sponsor @
BP_America @
BP_Alaska HR VP Stan Bennion speaks 2 opportunities there @
MarkhamGroup @
hiringourheroes pic.twitter.com/fFMbrXMQbi

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