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(608) 244-7933

(608) 244-8100


3964 Commercial Ave,
Madison, WI 53714

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Open Hours

Sat. 10:00 Am – 8:00 Pm
Sun. 10:00 Am – 6:00 Pm

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Boulders Climbing Gym, Madison, WI. 2,353 likes | 107 talking about this | 3,853 were here. A premiere climbing facility, located in Madison, WI.

Thought provoking article: Climbing is Meditation

Some real good advice, in the gym and outside!

When you have a case of the Mondays and dry fire off everything.

Take $25 Off 2 Hours of Climbing, Party Room, Glass Nickel Pizza!

Hours of Climbing, Party Room, Pizza from Glass Nickel! Best Birthday Ever!

No Boulder, Bike, & Brew tonight! (it was last week) SEE YOU IN AUGUST

On January 14th, as the sun set in Yosemite National Park, Tommy Caldell and Kevin Jorgenson completed what is arguably the most difficult ascent int he history of rock climbing. The duo remained on the wall for 19 days, climbing 3,000 vertical feet along widely spaced, razor-thin granite holds. CHALLENGE: Climb 3,000 feet in 19 days. 120 Routes. or 240 Boulder Problems START: August 9th FINISH: September 12th Receive two raffle tickets if you finish in 19 consecutive days. Receive one raffle ticket if you finish 19 days total. *Pick up your Dawn Wall Challenge Card at the front desk. Raffle tickets will be drawn at the Member Appreciation party on September 13th! Prizes: 10 Punch Pass to Dragonfly Hot Yoga 1 Month Membership to Monkey Bar Gym 1 Free month membership at Boulders Climbing Gym and many more! Umami Ramen & Dumpling Bar food truck, Dyno contest, Raffle, Free On-Belay classes and much more coming on our Member Appreciation Party on September 13th! JOIN THE EVENT BELOW!

The Best 5.4 in the World”

We are having a BLAST on this beautiful day. Summer has just star, ted. our portable wall could be an adventurous accent for your next event !

The weather looks perfect for this event. If you haven’t had the chance this summer to attend Boulder, Bike & Brew. This Thursday!!

Of course! Try rock climbing! Here’s why.

A creative botanist in Madison made this beautiful poster of the plants of our bike path. Next time you bike to Boulders, notice the diversity of plants around you!

Who knew climbing could be so hypnotizing?

Boulders is an incredible place to train power, and technique. The problems are well set, the holds are badass, and the walls/angles are super fun to climb on!

Small gym that climbs big. Excellent heart and welcoming staff make short walls seem expansive. If you’re in the area I recommend dropping by. Price is more than reasonable and that sweetens the deal on a great gym.

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The Midwest’s Premier Climbing Facility. This isn’t the biggest gym I’ve been to, but there’s a good variety of stuff to climb. Accessible for beginners, but also challenging for veterans.
Yoga classes included in the membership are great – instructors are kind and inspirational. Been a member here for half a year now. I really love this place. Most of the staff is friendly and personable. Excellent bouldering compared to the other gyms I’ve been to. For routes the walls are a little shorter than desired though. Setters are frequently putting up new routes and problems to keep things fresh. Great place to climb when the weather won’t let you get outdoors.
Looking forward to further improvements.
I have been going to Boulders on and off over the last year or so. Right now I’m going about 2-3 times a week.
Nothing beats blowing out my forearms after a long day in my cubicle!
There are always new routes going up and I have always found it to be a fun and friendly atmosphere. If you are a beginner (as I consider myself) this is a great place to start climbing, there are TONS of routes that are certainly climbable by first time & new climbers.
When I started I could barely do 1 pullup. I was able to finish many of the easy boulder problems in the gym. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Whenever I’m climbing at nearby devil’s lake I often see a couple of them running around so they are certainly knowle(…)

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Phil Swanson
@ PhilSwn
Wisconsin, USA
Dads climb for free! @ Boulders Climbing Gym https://instagram.com/p/4MgcsnlpmK/

Karen Hable
@ kjhable
Wisconsin, USA

icon smile@ Boulders Climbing Gym https://instagram.com/p/2tq8YThSmE/

Tim Slade
@ sladetim
Wisconsin, USA
Rock climbing night! @ Boulders Climbing Gym http://instagram.com/p/xaYBcBt9Vm/

Christopher J. Welch
@ JeromeWelch
Wisconsin, USA
Had a great climbing trip today to Madison with my younger sister Suzanne. @ Boulders Climbing Gym http://instagram.com/p/wAgvn5JqY3/

Greg Duescher
@ iShBuu
Wisconsin, USA
Climbing (@ Boulders Climbing Gym – @
bouldersgym in Madison, WI w/ @
sarahannklein) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/869kbY8wOhO pic.twitter.com/F2niII8QGn

@ WidenEnterprise
Wisconsin, USA
Not your average demo at the #
WidenSummit @ Boulders Climbing Gym http://instagram.com/p/uGuIKxyNEv/

Cassidee Domstrich
@ MapAbandonment
Wisconsin, USA
Working on hangs. #
boulder #
boulderclimbinggym #
rockclimb @ Boulders Climbing Gym http://instagram.com/p/t9kb4ruAe6/

Christopher J. Welch
@ JeromeWelch
Wisconsin, USA
The rock climbing crew today in Madison! @ Boulders Climbing Gym http://instagram.com/p/sbU89JpqRT/

Erik Eichstadt
@ EEichstadt
Madison, WI
We were rockin it at Boulders tonight! #
Pun #
RockClimbing #
OnBole @ Boulders Climbing Gym http://instagram.com/p/q0PZ27sK7d/

John Zuehlke
@ thesortedpixels
Madison, WI
Kohlers first climbing competition. @ Boulders climbing gym http://instagram.com/p/ms88gavGgM/

Brian Adams
@ adamsbri24
Lewiston, WI
Heading to Boulders Climbing Gym in Madison!

Tucker Pearce
@ pearceweb
Madison, WI
Taking the boys rock climbing! Should be a blast. (@ Boulders Climbing Gym – @
bouldersgym) http://4sq.com/1pN8h6r

Katherine Krueger
@ kath_krueger
Madison, WI
From family outings to getting a workout in, Boulders Climbing Gym is packed this Saturday afternoon. #
MadPlay pic.twitter.com/8h552gLHdS

Travis Kaney
@ travis_kaney
Madison, WI
The duck that just wanted to climb… @ Boulders Climbing Gym http://instagram.com/p/mDcPzylznE/

Kyle Kompas
@ kyletime
Waukesha, WI
astronautalis I cant make it to the show tonight but will be in Madison rock climbing tomorrow morning at boulders climbing gym. Meet up!

Tim Tender
@ TT_7
Madison, WI
This place is fun. Had great company too! (@ Boulders Climbing Gym – @
bouldersgym) http://4sq.com/16Le84r

Brad Crump
@ BradCrump
Madison, WI
Garretts Bday party w/ Brody (@ Boulders Climbing Gym – @
bouldersgym) [pic]: http://4sq.com/170guPe

Danielle Bruflodt
@ Thyme_is_Honey
Madison, WI
Im at Boulders Climbing Gym – @
bouldersgym (Madison, WI) http://4sq.com/1dxcmIC

@ Wesloweb
Boulders Climbing Gym
Trying something new (@ Boulders Climbing Gym – @
bouldersgym) http://4sq.com/15NbWWX

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