Boston Lofts



(414) 276-4663

(866) 578-2330


630 N 4th St,
Milwaukee, WI 53203

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Get out of the box. Truly unique city living not offered anywhere else. If You’re Looking to Live Downtown, Then Do It In Style at the Boston Lofts!
Foot high ceilings, exposed duct work and piping.

630 N 4th St Milwaukee, WI 53202.
(414) 276-4663

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Breaking & Entering
@ BreakinNEnterin
Milwaukee, WI
Thats weird. They totally jacked us! @ Boston Lofts

Milwaukee CP
@ MilwaukeeCP
Milwaukee, WI
Plans for West Wisconsin Ave., Boston Lofts art installations unveiled: Slideshow: The Dreamcatcher will span…

Alexis Rose
@ AlexisRoseStyle
Milwaukee, WI
Back on zee grind @ Boston Lofts Apartments

Sarah Kehoe
@ sarahkehoe
Boston Lofts
Im at Boston Lofts Club House (Milwaukee, WI)

Adam Frederiksen
@ adamfrederiksen
Boston Lofts
Im at Boston Lofts Apartments (630 N 4th St, Milwaukee)

Chris Atilano Galvan
@ Tailsfafa
Boston Lofts
Forcing Davids lazy ass to cook some brown rice with his BBQ chicken. Buahaha (@ Boston Lofts Apartments)

Brad Bauer
@ brad_bauer
Boston Lofts
Im at Boston lofts (630 n 4th street, Milwaukee).

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Boston Lofts Leasing Office

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