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(920) 839-2771


8051 State Highway 57,
Baileys Harbor, WI 54202

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The Blue Ox, Baileys Harbor, WI. 936 likes | 52 talking about this | 2,550 were here. The Blue Ox is one of the most historic Bars in Door County. We are. .

Another season star, ted!! Let’s get oxidized!!

OXTOBERFEST!!!! Sunday Nov 2, at 1pm!! Turkey Shoot Free Food Service Industry Appreciation Drinkathon!! . Come celebrate the end of another great season!! Get Oxidized!!!!


Spring is here! Look for the our doors to be open early May! We have some very exciting new things to reveal!

Come in tonight and see Jason. Last night for the kid

PAckers game. stop in for a brew

OX. Starting at 9PM

Make sure to stop in and see kelso this weekend. He’s BACK in the saddle again!!!!!!

Kelso jacked up his ankle. keep him in your prayers!!!!

Ladies night at the Ox tonight! Come and check out Kelso’s CRAZY new shoes!

Ladies night at the Ox tonight! Cheap drinks for ladies, free play on the jukebox, and free pool. Come on down and give Kelso a hard time!

Friday = kelso Saturday = jason

Let’s get OXidized!!!!!!!!! Jason not working tonight.

Stop in tonight and have a drink with Kelso & Scheel. Gummy Bear Drinks might be making a comeback!!!

Florian last night. Thanks everyone for coming, especially that apple bottom in the stripes!!!!!!!

Fun evening with a great bartender “Kelso”. Voted best bartender of Door County.

Great place to be on a Friday night! I love the Kwaterski’s.

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blue ox image image image

Historic Door County Bar and Grill located in downtown Baileys Harbor.
Wow what a fun place to party. I got so drunk and had to pass out under the pool table the next morning when I woke up , the bartender ask me how I sleeped and offered me a bloody mary for breakfast. Stopped by for a beer and pool. Bartender was friendly and gave good advice on the surrounding area. If you are in Door County you MUST check it out!
My boyfriend and I loved it. The service was very friendly. The inside of the place was just wonderful, we both love the old antiques and what not’s hanging on the walls.
The bar top and old photos in it, which were very cool. We will most diffidently be coming back to this place our next trip to Door County.
8051 WI-57 Baileys Harbor, WI 54202.
(920) 839-2771

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Alyssa Maria Adler
@ adlereagle123
Bloomington, MN
If Nickelodeon universe changes the Log ride to some Nickelodeon theme, and get rid of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Im going to cut a bitch

Kuma Bear
@ jbearmn
Minneapolis, MN
Waiting for my last appointment… #
coffee #
icedcoffee #
yum #
yummy #
myfab5 @ Blue Ox Coffee Company https://instagram.com/p/5pulcIO_uy/

Youth Hockey Hub
@ YouthHockeyHub
Deadline for Blue Ox registration is Saturday.Link to register: http://ow.ly/Q7YPI

Tara Pink
@ tpink17
Wisconsin, USA
Babe the Blue Ox @ Paul Bunyans Cook Shanty https://instagram.com/p/5mkr4WwnEl/

Kicks Up North
@ KicksUpNorth
RESTOCK: Size 11.5 Available: Nike SB Dunk High Blue Ox http://www.kicksupnorth.com/shop/nike-sb-dunk-high-blue-ox…

@ sascha_d
jennapederson proximity from my house to great coffee cant be beat. Im at Canteen on Bryant but also live near 5Watt and Blue Ox. #

Nate Pentz
@ natepentz
Maple Grove, MN
tomlowrysghost Bull Run and Blue Ox are pretty good and I like Groundswell in St Paul too.

@ talkendo
Thanks to AwesomeSpouse, The Blue Ox got to the LBS today. Its one happy, zippy Babe again.

Peyton Hurbanis
@ PeytonHurbanis
Wisconsin, USA
Pic with Babe {the big blue ox} @ Minocqua, Wisconsin https://instagram.com/p/4stWc1CJDn/

True Lacrosse MN
@ TrueLacrosseMN
Bloomington, MN
Blue ox shirts and shorts are in! pic.twitter.com/3eAwyA3rpl

Nico Jeanne
@ gillynico
Minneapolis, MN
Chalk art. @ Blue Ox Coffee Company https://instagram.com/p/4UyCH8B1Yt/

Parker Robertson
@ ParkerAndreww
Wisconsin, USA
The Del McCoury Band. Honestly, I seriously enjoyed this set quite a bit. @ Blue Ox Music Festival https://instagram.com/p/35JrINFzCZ/

Wisconsin, USA
Blue Ox Music Festival // #
BlueOx #
Music #
Festival #
EauClaire #
Wisconsin #
WI @ Blue Ox Music… https://instagram.com/p/34jGhrA_7I/

Parker Robertson
@ ParkerAndreww
Wisconsin, USA
Greensky Bluegrass at the #
BlueOx festival in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. @ Blue Ox Music Festival https://instagram.com/p/32vhw-FzAJ/

Mark B. Abbott
@ prestilinguist
Wisconsin, USA
When you find a hearse in the woods… Expect a trolling motor in the back. @ Blue Ox Music Festival https://instagram.com/p/32b8MHruCS/

Mark B. Abbott
@ prestilinguist
Wisconsin, USA
Honey Wagon. @ Blue Ox Music Festival https://instagram.com/p/32bX3CLuBO/

Chippewa Falls, WI
Come Join Us @ Blue Ox Music Festival // #
BlueOx #
Music #
Festival #
Picoftheday #
PhotoOfTheDay @… https://instagram.com/p/31vkIGg_2v/

deb sarlin
@ DebSarlin
Minnesota, USA
why I went to northern Wisconsin – Paul Bunyon and Babe the blue ox. It probably was not worth the trip! pic.twitter.com/O2GjHVY4Ut

Blue Ox Products
@ BlueOxProducts

Blue Ox Products
@ BlueOxProducts
Well see you there on Wednesday! http://fb.me/7m3A4mfjb

Blue Ox Products
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Thinking about a summer road trip? http://fb.me/3VsUa2qzR

Blue Ox Products
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The 30 Worst Decisions You Can Make at a Campground http://fb.me/6D81WgKJa

Blue Ox Products
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Starting today, join us at the WIT Club Grand National Rally in Forest City, IA! http://fb.me/24iBNeOZK

Blue Ox Products
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Well see you this week at the Newmar Kountry Klub International Rally in Lewisburg, WV! http://fb.me/47wZhp9TA

Blue Ox Products
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Blue Ox Products
@ BlueOxProducts
Dont forget to come visit the Blue Ox booth as well! http://fb.me/6NtRdOqxv

Blue Ox Products
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Blue Ox Products
@ BlueOxProducts
Free overnight RV Parking – SPOTTED! – http://RVing.how http://fb.me/2fzNfVnyR

Blue Ox Products
@ BlueOxProducts
Bon Appetite: What’s cooking in your RV – http://RVing.how http://fb.me/7ooOlTwcm

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@ BlueOxProducts
Well see you at the Winnie Hawks Iowa State Rally this weekend! http://fb.me/40rzVfdFo

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Blue Ox Products
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Have you ever visited any of these lesser-known travel gems? http://fb.me/7sOSlQRBh

Blue Ox Products
@ BlueOxProducts
Join us at the FMCA NEAR Rally in Essex Junction, VT starting Wednesday! http://fb.me/1JM9cnjC8

Blue Ox Products
@ BlueOxProducts
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://fb.me/25pfh5u62

Blue Ox Products
@ BlueOxProducts
What are your holiday weekend plans? http://fb.me/45S2bYvXD

Blue Ox Products
@ BlueOxProducts
Be safe out there this summer! http://fb.me/3T9pN9s28

Blue Ox Products
@ BlueOxProducts
Its Waffle Iron Day! Are there any special recipes you make in your waffle iron? http://fb.me/44Tjy7e4M

Courtney M.
@ cmihalak17
Listening to @
campgreensky show from @
blueoxmusicfest , talk about emotional! How I wanna go back to that moment in time!!!!

Pert Near Sandstone
@ pertnearmusic
Stream/download our Friday night performance from @
blueoxmusicfest here: https://archive.org/details/pns2015-06-12… Thx to Tommy The Beard for capturing this!

QRO Magazine
@ qromag
QRO recaps the new @
BlueOxMusicFest – http://www.qromag.com/features/blue-ox-festival-2015-recap/… pic.twitter.com/fDqEBcnHni

Check this sweet #
festivalreview @
BlueOxMusicFest #
BlueOx2015 #
BlueOx @
YonderMountain @
CampGreensky @
pertnearmusic – http://goo.gl/bt29nG

Grant Rodgers
@ GrantMRodgers
Des Moines, IA
A little late here but thanks to the folks at @
blueoxmusicfest for an amazing 1st year. Cant wait to be back next year.

Mat Beecher
@ matthatis
blueoxmusicfest The Little Twos 1st festival! We survived the mud, getting stuck, and a questionable VW! #
LilTwos pic.twitter.com/R2j3Y9ixln

Sam Bush
@ sam_bush
Sam throws it down on fiddle w/@
campgreensky at @
blueoxmusicfest last Friday, courtesy FB user Kayla McGrew. #
BlueOx pic.twitter.com/nZqKEZNxfL

ɥɔsenɹ ʍeɹpuɐ
@ aruesch17_
blueoxmusicfest was with out a doubt the best festival I have ever attended.

Jana Mihalak
@ janadot27
All the mud is washed out of everything. And I just wanna go back to @

@ Stefany_Joy
Proof the sun really did come out to play @
blueoxmusicfest. Good people, great music. #
blueox pic.twitter.com/lE6NTjEDbO

Kamikaze Kate
@ KamikazeK8
View translation
blueoxers pert near doppelgänger @
pertnearmusic @
blueoxmusicfest pic.twitter.com/n82cRaUi7n

Erich Seipel
@ seipelep
Friday Night @
pertnearmusic #
BlueOx https://instagram.com/p/368RiAQz2A/

Josh Klemons
@ jlemonsk
I cant get #
ChopMyMoney out of my head. Thanks for the introduction @
hhp. #

Deborah Sewell
@ DeborahSewell1
Enjoying a post #
blueox foot soak at home. Gotta remove some deeply embedded mud.

@ deverymel
Met so many good people at #
BlueOx this weekend. Faith in humanity restored.

Jason Weiss
@ Jacksuhn
An amazing time was had at #
BlueOx One of the best lineups I have ever experienced #
livemusic #
musicfestivals pic.twitter.com/qBoBjFLPRX

Evergreen Grass Band
@ GrassBand
What an incredible weekend at #
BlueOx!!!! Thanks to all who came to support this breath taking event. We were… http://fb.me/7jChQnNCk

Bill DeVille
@ BillDeVille
Wisconsin, USA
TheLowestPair make music as pure as a north woods rain #
blueox pic.twitter.com/p2jPVM513Z

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