Blue Horse Beach Cafe



(920) 868-1471


4113 Main St,
Fish Creek, WI 54212

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Blue Horse Cafe Fish Creek WI, Fish Creek, WI. 1,722 likes | 71 talking about this | 1,873 were here. Restaurant/Cafe.

Good Morning! The morning after a crazy day yesterday. Hope all is well. Happy day to you!

Good Morning! Don’t forget it is Cheesy Bacon Biscuit day! Enjoy Your Day!

Good Morning! Would like to say Thank You for being amazing to Natalie whoever you are? You made everyone at Blue Horse smile big when this arrived. Happy Day!

Good Morning! This is what you missed at 5am this morning.

Good Morning! In case you were not up at 4:30am this is what it looked like. Happy day!

Good Morning! We thought we would have more entries for the Los Lonely Boys tickets to choose from but with 5 people we threw the names into a hat and the winner is Maria Gonzalez

Good Morning! 5:00am and looking amazing! Enjoy your day!

Good Morning! The Lox Bagel is back for a short time. See you soon! Happy day!

Good Morning! This is the Memorial Day sunset from the window at Blue Horse time lapsed for your convenience. Happy day to you!

Good Morning! Nice morning for a 5am swim with the family.

Good Morning! You can not see the sun set or rise from our location, but that doesn’t change the beauty of a sunset or sunrise. Happy day to you!

Good Morning! Open table at the window. What do we get to make you?

Good Morning! I see a boat! Summer is coming! Taken at 5am today.

Good Morning! Taken at 5:00am It’s just another one of those mornings in Fish Creek.

Good Morning! Here is seven sunrises and two sunsets from the past month. You should be here to see it. It is really amazing.

Good Morning! It looks like an amazing day out there. Enjoy it!

Good Morning! This is the beginnings of Chorizo Sausage for our Huevos Rancheros.

I love this place so much i am there everyday!

Best coffee house in the Door! Great coffee, great people, great atmosphere! Besides, they serve a drink called “Chuck Norris” that alone is great reason to stop in.
The Java Hut Rental Cottage, Fish Creek, WI. 29 likes | 5 were here. The Java Hut Cottage is behind the Blue Horse Caf in the heart of downtown Fish. .

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(920) 868-1471

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Oscar Delgadillo
@ CountAightBlah
Wisconsin, USA
Much needed caffeine and food trip… (@ Blue Horse Beach Cafe in Fish Creek, WI)

Teresa Price
@ Teresakayeprn
Wisconsin, USA
Lunch with Leanna and Jenny! (@ Blue Horse Beach Cafe in Fish Creek, WI)

Gary Manning
@ Solwrker
Wisconsin, USA
Post-morning stroll iced coffee. (@ Blue Horse Beach Cafe in Fish Creek, WI)

Aaron Slaby
@ slabya
Wisconsin, USA
Picking up a little lunch before I head into work for a bit. (@ Blue Horse Beach Cafe in Fish Creek, WI)

Matt Jones
@ MatthewJones23
Wisconsin, USA
Taking a break from shopping for a nice cappuccino! (@ Blue Horse Beach Cafe in Fish Creek, WI)

Aaron Slaby
@ slabya
Gibraltar, WI
Second day in a row. Not even mad. (@ Blue Horse Beach Cafe)

Aaron Slaby
@ slabya
Gibraltar, WI
Love this spot. Thats the #
chucknorris ladies and gentlemen. #
deliciousness @ Blue Horse Beach Cafe

Cheryl Spriggs
@ clynnspriggs
Gibraltar, WI
Im at Blue Horse Beach Cafe (Fish Creek, WI)

Tony Stanislawski
@ tonyatmatc
Gibraltar, WI
gosox @ Blue Horse Beach Cafe

Matt Jones
@ MatthewJones23
Gibraltar, WI
Coffee in Door County. Trying their version of the #
PSL (@ Blue Horse Beach Cafe)

Erin Gilbey
@ dogundermydesk
Gibraltar, WI
Best hot chocolate in Door County. (@ Blue Horse Beach Cafe) [pic]:

Myles Dannhausen
@ MylesPulse
Gibraltar, WI
Trail run in Peninsula State Park, coffee at Blue Horse. Good morning! @ Blue Horse Beach Cafe

Aaron J. White
@ Rev_AaronJWhite
Gibraltar, WI
Just posted a photo @ Blue Horse Beach Cafe

Myles Dannhausen
@ MylesPulse
Gibraltar, WI
Waiting at the finish line for runners this weekend. #
DCHalf @ Blue Horse Beach Cafe

Also Known As

Blue Horse Bistro & Espresso, Blue Horse Bistro, Blue Horse Bistro & Expresso

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