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Blue Dog Training & Behavior, Madison, WI. 1,195 likes | 3 talking about this. Dog Training & Behavior Services by Certified Trainer & Behaviorist.

I cannot recommend Blue Dog Training highly enough. New to dog ownership and a bit overwhelmed, I sought out Sarah Kalnajs before I even adopted a dog. She guided me through the process of finding a puppy, even calling the rescue organizations to learn more about the puppies I was interested in so she could advise me in my decision. Her input was invaluable in choosing the right puppy. We opted for the Blue Dog Board and Train option and our new boy Finley spent three weeks. in the home and loving care of Sarah and her husband, Andrew, who both worked one on one with Finley to not only potty train him, crate train him but to teach him many commands and manners that would’ve taken our novice family months to do, if at all. Sarah constantly sent us texts and videos of Finley’s progress and it was clear he was being lovingly cared for in a home, rather than a cold and sterile kennel. I never felt guilty about sending Finley to a board and train because he was treated like family when he was there. I was drawn to Blue Dog Training because of their training philosophy based on positive reinforcement, rather than a punishment model of training. What I have come to love about Blue Dog Training, however, is the personalized care and attention that Sarah and Andrew so generously give both to our dog, Finley, and to us, his family. With one-on-one training, we’ve been able to tell Sarah the specific behaviors that are problematic for us, such as Finley jumping on our daughter, and she can work directly with Finley and us to change those behaviors. What I’ve come to learn about dog training is that it is as much, if not more, about training US, than it is about training Finley. And with both dogs and people, Sarah and Andrew are fantastic. Not only are they patient and kind and committed, but they are also great at what they do. They go above and beyond to make sure their clients are satisfied. I recommend them to anyone in need of help selecting or training a dog. They are simply the best. Holly Schaefer Madison,WI

SPARCS Canine behavior conference with a focus on AGGRESSION and an amazing line up if speakers & topics begins in. NINE HOURS NINETEEN MINUTES FIFTEEN SECONDS (7:30am CST FRI). Best of all? IT IS 100% FREE OF CHARGE to view unedited, livestreamed to the comfort of your own home! Last year was incredible and this years topics look even better! If you are involved with dogs in any profession (or want to be) – you MUST take advantage of this phenomenal educational opportunity. Go to

UK DOG TALK OPENINGS LATER THIS MONTH! Hey my UK doggy peeps! It may be just be your lucky day!. I’ve had some time open up in my UK visit schedule and would be happy to add an event or two over the June/July timeframe in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales or even other nearby EU countries. I’m beyond excited to “cross the pond” for the third time in as many weeks as among other things, I get to visit my brand new baby niece Luciana (also known as “Lady Caca”! smile emoticon If you’d like to explore the possibilities of a visit to your facility, please facebook me or email me at I can also reached via phone either directly or on VIBER (free app) at Sarah Kalnajs 608-239-5848 Looking forward to a wonderful visit and the opportunity to meet many of you for the first time and see those of you I met at WOOF again! Wags!

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GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR DOG LOVER! Pat Miller seminar volunteer this weekend in Madison needed! Hi friends!. One of our wonderful volunteers has taken quite ill and is unable to volunteer as planned. With a crowd of almost 150 attendees, we really need a replacement volunteer for SATURDAY (today as it’s now 2am) and Sunday if available – but mostly Saturday 9-4:30 at the HoJo Plaza East Washington Ave (details at FREE ADMISSION for the weekend for the volunteer to this great dog behavior seminar by CULT FAVORITE SPEAKER (and rightfully so), Pat Miller. author of too many books to list! Please text or call Andrew Kalnajs at 608-217-2962 ASAP or Sarah at 608-239-5848. (Text ideal) If you can arrive by 7:30 or 8am that would be brilliant! There will also be a special thank you gift for you from Blue Dog! Pet owners – this is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best! You can volunteer or register at the door to attend.

IS YOUR DOG A SENIOR? GIANT BREEDS – dogs > 90 pounds (mastiffs) are considered senior at 6-7 years LARGE BREEDS- (eg labs) > 50lbs senior at 7-8 yrs. MEDIUM BREEDS (eg Aussies) 21-50 lbs senior at 9-10 yrs SMALL BREEDS – <20 lbs (eg Chihuahuas) senior at 11-12 yrs

SUNDAY TRAINING TIP! A WORD ABOUT REINFORCERS! What constitutes a “reinforcer” to a dog (or a person or a cat etc) is not only a highly individual thing, BUT ALSO has a lot to do with THE RELATIONSHIP between the trainer and trainee. . Many times trainers with less experience will fail to emphasize the importance of relationship and HISTORY of that relationship in the development of what the animal finds reinforcing. AN EXAMPLE: Growing up, from the earliest time I can remember, my Uncle Harry would give me a quarter every time I came to see him. Now before you star, t getting ahead of yourself here, let me add that this was around 1970 (not 1900 lol) and a quarter wasn’t worth very much from a monetary standpoint, but because of my relationship with my favorite uncle. those quarters were much more valuable. This continued through high school and college and even when we danced at my wedding Uncle Harry slipped a quarter into my hand. The more years went by, the less and less the quarters were “worth” to a bank, but the more and more they became worth to me. THEY WERE VERY HIGH VALUE REINFORCERS TO ME BECAUSE OF OUR RELATIONSHIP VS ANY INTRINSIC VALUE. What if my husband had suddenly noticed the value I seemed to place on quarters and decided that for our first wedding anniversary, he would give me a quarter as a gift? What response would he likely have gotten? My guess is that we all have had the experience in our lives of actions or items that were highly reinforcing based on our relationship with the giver and we must remember that our companion animals are no different. Andrew has a habit of giving our Chihuahua Posey raspberries (zerberts) on her belly. Because of their relationship, from HIM she finds this reinforcing. If our neighbor noticed her enjoying this and tried to scoop her up and buzz her belly – I think the result would be a painful one. The next time you are around dogs, remember that 1. it is UP TO THEM what is reinforcing 2. Many things humans THINK dogs enjoy, very few actually do (pats on the head for instance) 3. Just because a dog enjoys what someone ELSE does to them. (usually a family member), does NOT mean that it is safe for you to do it. ALWAYS REMEMBER THE ROLE AND IMPORTANCE OF RELATIONSHIPS IN REINFORCEMENT!

Training your Dog. . Being a good dog owner / dog trainer should not be a conversation about LEADERSHIP (benevolent or otherwise) but one about PARTNERSHIP. Why? While leadership implies one-way communication, partnership implies communication occurring BOTH directions which is essential to having a great relationship with your dog. . Communicating with your dog is easier than many would have you think (how can the charlatans among us take your money if they admit that training your dog to the highest levels is 90% communication, 10% skill and 0% super secret special sauce. .)! This is not to say there is no place for the professional dog trainer who understands that communication through force does not result in a strong, trusting PARTNERSHIP. What it does mean is that the best trainers will guide you in how the consequences of each and every interaction your dog has with you, your family and the environment around them (which occur mostly at home, not in the weekly classroom) will shape the dog they become. Look for the trainers who are focused more on TEACHING YOU TO TEACH YOUR DOG & be your dog’s partner in learning BETWEEN sessions than “forcing obedience” once a week in a classroom.

BLUE DOG Training & Behavior, Madison, WI wins silver in BEST OF MADISON 2014! We would like to thank all of our clients, friends and supporters for this honor. Because of your votes and the voice of the people, 2 of the top 3 (Blue Dog & Dog’s Best Friend) are strongly force free training advocates and the third also uses far more positive methods than many of the alternatives. . Hopefully these results will mean fewer dogs in Southern Wisconsin are treated with force vs an understanding of learning theory and the cognitive capabilities of our canine best friends. Blue Dog THANKS YOU I (Sarah Kalnajs, Southern Wisconsin’s ONLY Certified Professional Dog Trainer AND Certified Behavior Consultant) THANK YOU The dogs of Southern Wisconsin THANK YOU! To celebrate, any orders for the DVD sets “Language of Dogs” or “Am I Safe” will be DISCOUNTED BY $10.00 from Saturday, Feb 22nd through Monday, Feb 24th (11:59 PM CST)! Please forward to doggie friends!

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Dogs learn from us in every single interaction we have with them. either that we are friendly, or we are not, that we can be trusted, or we cannot – or that we can guide them or we cannot. What has your dog learned from you today?.
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Madison’s only Certified Professional Dog Trainer & Behaviorist!
Internationally renowned speaker & best selling author Sarah Kalnajs trains your dog using the science of learning theory – no gimmicks.
Blue Dog Training & Behavior.
We adopted a puppy from a shelter in Kentucky. The puppy showed signs of severe aggression early on. We are experienced dog owners but not experts in dealing with the scary aggression shown by a 10 week old puppy. We talked to our vet who gave us a list of behaviorists.
After doing some research and getting recommendations from neighbor friends, it became clear that Blue Dog Training was the group we needed to work with. Sarah took a lot of time to talk to me over the phone in detail about the background on us, the puppy, and the behavior.
She was extremely professional and reassured me that she would be able to help us.
She understood the urgent nature of our situation (we have children in our house) and worked to quickly fit us into her schedule. She is an expert behaviorist and noticed all sorts of subtle cues about our puppy’s behavior that gave her red flags.
Unfortunately, our gut instinct was confirmed – we were not able to keep the puppy in our house. Sarah went ABOVE and BEYOND calling all sorts of rescue groups and working with our vet to help us find a place that could take the puppy and provide the extensive behavior rehabilitation she will need.
It was an(…)

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